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Valerie Croce

2 weeks ago

First time visiting... we had a great time last night! The owner was super accommodating, the comedians were hilarious, and the bartender was friendly and knowledgeable about wines. Great alternative to going downtown if you're looking for something to do, especially on a weeknight. Looking forward to going back again soon!


Richard Tetzlaff

in the last week

Amy was a wonderful host and very knowledgeable about the wines offered. She. asked each in our group about our individual tastes and her recommendations were spot on. We were offered tastes of similar wines in their cellar with similar tastes that will gives us something to look forward to trying during our next visit.


Candyce Williams

5 months ago

WOW!!! By far one of the best wineries I've been to. The atmosphere is fantastic, the service is impeccable and the staff is 5 star worthy. Brilliant idea opening this winery downtown! Thank you to the owners for being such great hosts. The genuine pleasantness you show time and time again to your customers is evident and the city of Davidson is so happy you chose to open a winery here. You and your team deserve all the praise!!! Looking forward to going back!


Dave Montgomery

5 months ago

I was at the Grand Opening, which was amazing. I met so many wonderful people from the area. This is a beautiful space and new local hangout; with great wine, food, and service. I went last night with my Mom (82) - she felt like a celebrity and wants to bring all her neighbors back. Personally greeted by the beautiful owner, Lindsey and had amazing service from everyone that night. Thanks for making a simple stop for a glass of wine into an amazing night for my Mom. I am definitely going to be a regular, this is a great addition to the Davidson area.


LaLa Crawford

4 months ago

Just okay, definitely not worth the 1 hour drive. Food was just okay and I've brought better wine from Harris Teeter. Owner was on site and NEVER took a second to greet our table in the entire hour & a half we were there. Although, she frequently stopped by the other four occupied tables...multiple times. Sorely lacking in hospitality. I Will Not Return & No Longer spread the word.