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10 months ago

Love Reids! I just wish theyd offer more organic options (reflected in the 4 stars vs. 5). Im the daughter and granddaughter of grocers from Detroit. Grew up in the business. I really like the old fashioned stores. We werent too hungry so we had our usual roast beef sandwich but we asked them to do it like a panini. It was delicious! I think well have a drink the next time we visit South Park Mall. Stop by Reids, take it slow. Enjoy!


Jacob Lawler

2 months ago

One of our go-tos in Southpark, always have a great time on their beautiful patio. Live music on the patio Wed-Sunday. Food and service always top notch.


Joy Ludwig-McNutt

a week ago

Duck legs, duck fat, Italian lambrusco and triple creme brie = Christmas dinner sorted! Excellent service and amazing selection of gourmet foods! Thanks to the staff at the meat counter!


Dana Jenkins

a year ago

Paid $10 for a sandwich and look at the quality of the produce. The cheese was ripped in half and dried out like it hadnt been sealed properly. The tomato was mush and I wouldnt even feed a bunny that lettuce. The bacon was pre cooked microwave cardboard. So very disappointed.


Julie Stevens

2 years ago

Struggled with a 3 or four star on this one. Decided to go 4 stars based on taste of food alone. This was a stop on our Charlotte Burger tour and a stop I've been wanting to make for a while as I've never been to this long standing Charlotte establishment. On entering I was in love. I will always love a small grocery store and think it would be a great place for a fun date. Pick out your meal, take it home and cook! Lots of fun options you won't find everywhere and what appears to be fresh ones too. We were sat quickly inside at a table with two screens which was very hard to get into. I barely fit between the screens and the table and I'm not a large person. I am not sure how others are making it happen. This is due to covid restrictions, I'm sure, so no points taken away for this. We sat for a while. At least 5 minutes, but likely longer before being approached by a waiter. We ordered wine and sat even longer before it arrived. In the meantime we realized quickly the acoustics are terrible and it was very hard to hear each other talk, however, we could hear clearly the people across from us. Once we got our wine, we ordered all of our food to get things rolling. A while later (we started to realize things must be slow here) our calamari fries and brussel sprouts came the table next to us. After they looked at it and breathed all over it, (I hate when this happens, especially during these times) we realized it was ours and informed the server who quicky gave it to us. I loved every bite of both of these appetizers. The brussels were some of the best I have had. They were perfectly cooked and had a wonderful glaze. The calamari was definitely different. Nice and tender with great breading and a lovely thai sauce. The portions were big and we were quickly full. Being full soon became nothing to worry about as it took 30 more minutes to get our Burger. It first came out....again to the people next to us. We realized it instantly but couldn't get the servers attention before the other table grabbed it. Now, in this situation, after the server, our waiter and the manager all apologized; one would think that the very next burger off the grill would have come to us. Instead, they continued to serve the entire table next to us (the one that got our initial burger and the one that ordered 30 minutes after we did). So we waited and waited and ordered more wine. My wine was wrong (I didn't complain) and my friend got a wine she didn't order (they gave it to her at no charge anyway so we didn't complain). After waiting an insane amount of time we got our burger. It was good. We got pimento cheese, onions and bacon on it. The meat had a great taste as did each topping, individually. The big downfall was that it was quite greasy and the bun had a lot of grease soaked into it. The truffle fries were...ok. Tasted like they had sat under a warmer for far too long. The waiter came and asked if we wanted the check shortly after we finished. I thought it was odd because things had been so it felt like he was trying to push us along. But we were ready, so we said sure. We watched him walk around for 15 minutes talking to people and doing who knows what while we waited for our check. We finally had to go up to the hostess and ask to pay. We did express our concerns about the slowness then. At that point we had spent 2 hours in the restaurant since the time we sat down at our table. That's a lot of time for one hamburger and two appetizers. In the end they did give us two desserts for free that I had selected to purchase for home. The carrot cake was wonderful. Moist and delicious. The pumpkin cake was the opposite. Dry and dull. I will go back at some point to give them another try, but next time I'll go ahead and prepare to have a long evening just in case.

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