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John L. Berghout

7 months ago

Some great shops here along with some fabulous restaurants all in the same square. Reminds me a bit like Europe.


John Ackerman

6 months ago

Upscale shops and restaurants in a pleasant and clean atmosphere. Just north of Southpark Mall. Ample parking.



8 months ago

A really wonderful place with shops and restaurants. Two of my favorite local restaurants are located here, including BrickTop's. Usually easy parking and right across the street from Southpark Mall.


Positive Girl

3 months ago

Unfortunately we have to say the present Manager brings the area grave concerns with his/her choices for the Morrison Shopping Center. Management of the Morrison Shopping Center is becoming very out of touch with the types of businesses needed to place here? There are established nice stores.here already and restaurants that represent the affluent South Park area BUT LATELY THE MGR LOST TOUCH WITH THE AREA? NOT SPLITTING THE OLD GROCERY AREA INTO HALF AND REPLACING IT WITH A SPECIALTY STORE LIKE THE FRESH MARKET AND AN UPGRADED PUBLIX ON THE OTHER SIDE; OR PUTTING A BREAKFAST RESTAURANT IN THE SITE WHERE SAYS SOUL FOOD OR SOMEWHERE ELSE CLOSE TO THAT AREA (LIKE CAFE MONTE OR ORIGINAL HOUSE OF PANCAKE TO ATTRACK THEIR OVERFLOW FOR OMELETTES, PANCAKES AND FRENCH TOAST DAILY) IS A HUGE MISTAKE? COMPETITORS RECOGNIZES THIS DOWN THE STREET AND WILL ATTRACT MOST OF THE GOOD TRAFFIC THERE AND EVEN FURTHER FROM HERE??? Morrison Shopping Centers Manager is loosing touch for the area and its people now??? For the sake of the refined businesses here now we hope they wake up quickly!! New businesses brought here do not fit into the status quo of the people? Quality shopping is disappearing with the managers choices?? Meanwhile other areas close understand what a nice breakfast restaurant like the Broken Egg ( to compete with Cafe Monte & The Orig Pancake House daily early morning overcrowded support ) could have done for the businesses here with the RIGHT exposures as well? New Manager from an area like SP is very much needed for this place ASAP! Hope management recognizes it before its too late?!


Deborah Dozier

6 months ago

Fantastic, love this area. Some physical limitations, but still enjoy the specialty shops when I can.

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