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Emily Marsac

3 weeks ago

I came for my first and last time on Halloween. My stylist was 20 minutes late, when she finally came over she didn't greet me but simply said "what do you want? what do you want to do?" I showed her a photo of the braid I wanted, we discussed that we no longer had time for the wash and blowout I had scheduled so we went straight into the braid. You would think this lady had never done a braid before - it was uneven, loose, literally falling out. We tried multiple times to make it better but finally I just told it I had to go. I had to take it all out when I got home and just do it myself. She also told me at the start of the appointment that she was quitting in two days to go to lash extensions - so that should have been my indication. Overall I think they can't keep employees and there's no management. Go somewhere else.


margaret martin

2 weeks ago

Terrible service all around! I was rushed through the styling I requested (they were supposed to seat me for 30minutes, but only gave me 15). When the stylist asked if I was satisfied with her work, I said no and asked for a retouch. She barely did a thing. I left the store only to realize half my hair wasnt even touched. I returned to the salon asking for a retouch by another stylist but they couldnt seat me for another 3 hours. Customer service representative had a delayed and terrible response, basically saying there was nothing that could be done now. I would recommend avoiding drybar at all costs! Waste of money and completely abhorrent responses! Go somewhere else that values their customers,


Jaya C

a month ago

The experience was fine in the sense of it being pleasant in the salon and the customer service was respectful. This was my first time and last time because the stylist did not wash my hair thoroughly at all after I told her it had been a little over a week since my last wash. I had dandruff flakes when I was combing my hair later that day. She was also inexperienced. This is solely a blow out place, do not expect a silk press so keep that in mind. I paid extra for a keratin smoothing treatment but the humidity still left my hair frizzy after a couple of hours. I had to wash my hair the next day because it just smelled strong from the products and still dirty. I won't be returning.


Allison Murphy

5 months ago

I had an appointment for an updo the morning of a friend's wedding. They did not offer a wash service after I asked MULTIPLE times. I showed the stylist what updo I wanted and she started prepping my hair. At no point did she say she couldn't complete the style I asked for until the appointment was nearly over and my hair was already in a a random updo. In the middle of the appointment, the stylist was watching youtube videos trying to figure out how to do an updo. It was apparent that the stylist had NO business completing the service I asked for. I ended up walking out clearly unsatisfied but was offered no solutions for the horrible appointment. This is my second time going to a Dry Bar and it's apparent that Dry Bar has zero standards for hiring or training.


Whitney Martin

5 months ago

My stylist did a beautiful job! I got so many compliments and it lasted 2 full days (would've been longer if I hadn't needed to wash it!)

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