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Megan Campbell

4 weeks ago

After reading some of the reviews, I can say that the Sunday crowd I dealt with were a little better with their customer service. Ive been interested in RH for quite sometime and was curious if the product was worth its hype so I made an outing of it. Started with a reservation for brunch. I cant complain about my time here as it was lovely. My waitress was kind, warm and informative. I never felt judged while eating and honestly felt this was a perfect low key spot for a Sunday brunch. The restaurant wasnt spacing folks out due to covid so that bothered me a bit but this seems to be an issue in most places these days. The showroom was spectacular but I can see how some folks felt like they were being judged. I wasnt approached ever but then again I hate that. I like to shop in peace. As for RH quality, they have nice stuff. Id shop here but Im also keen on looking for the best deal. Very unique pieces that seems sturdy. Id say give it a shot. It does cater to a specific clientele but who says you cant be that for a night, brunch or lunch? Your money spends the same way a wealthy persons does. #treatyourself


Emmett Quaine

a month ago

The place is absolutely beautiful, that being said the food was mediocre at best. Salmon was overcooked, my one daughter received the wrong meal(which they made right), they never asked what temp we wanted our burgers cooked. Burger was definitely not worth the $24 I paid. Service was good, but $300(tip included)for dinner for 4 and two dont drink! Definitely not worth the price.


Casey Collins

3 months ago

One of the most beautiful retail spaces Ive ever seen. The restaurant was full so I couldnt get in, but I toured the first and second floors on the grand opening day. It was packed, though still felt like a palace because of the high ceilings, chandeliers, natural light, long hallways, and beautiful home decor. Look through the photosthey speak for themselves!


Mary Woods

2 months ago

This is such an elegant space with excellent, friendly service and delicious food choices, refreshing drinks, in a fun, magically airy atmosphere. Loved my experience here! I am from out of town and will miss this uniquely beautiful space, what a great time and cant wait to visit again on my next trip back. Thank you, loved it and highly recommend, for a girls day or date night!


Galym Berd

3 weeks ago

The place it self is very nice, cozy and posh. But the food was not as I expected from such place. Menu was poor for main dishes just following options: sandwich, burger, salmon, chicken and 16 oz steak. Service was ok, but not superior. Are we considering to come back? Probably no. For such price level, there are many other places, Main 131 has better steaks for sure.