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Joshua Knight

7 months ago

Amazing Airport! If you get stuck here, be sure to look upstairs between the D and the lounges for the prayer chapel and wonderful rocking chairs. I even took a nap here and it was great! The American Express centurion lounge is amazing with wonderful staff. They had great food and because our flight was delayed allowed us to come in multiple times. We arrived at 8 AM for an 11 AM flight and family left at 6 PM. However, we found excellent eating choices in the plaza. I recommend going there.


Alex Melendez

3 months ago

One of my favorite airport to fly into. Their terminals have so much space, it never feels crowded. I love the rocking chairs they have. They have the best variety of food spots to pick from. Their restrooms are always well maintained.


Kristi Rhinehart

10 months ago

Charlotte Airport is a lovely airport although it is in a perpetual state of construction. Big airport and plenty of options for good food. Lots of lines here on a Saturday afternoon. My advice for flying in is to tell your ride to pick you up at the departures instead of arrivals... much less traffic at departures and much easier of an exit. I'll post an update when we leave Charlotte.


Arthur Alexander

4 months ago

Possibly one of the airports I ever flew in that offers comfort and good food courts to passengers with long layovers. Between terminal B and C theres a huge area where people can find rocking chairs and tables to sit while enjoying food. The downside here is the narrow halls for gates, it can get super crowded during rush hours, to a point you can barely walk without knocking people over.


G Fatima

3 weeks ago

By far one of the cleanest, quickest and seamless airport services and facilities. I arrived and departed from Charlotte Douglas Airport twice in the last 5 days and the experience was nothing short of seamless and efficient (although theres massive construction going on and the entire layoff is changed currently). The airport is spotlessly spic and span, the stores are quick to check in and move out and the lines at security as well as ticket counters is quick and professional. All in all a good airport.

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