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2 weeks ago

Worse airport I've ever been to. I'm in the military and travel frequently, so I have been to plenty of airports. Extremely over crowded. Time from landing to gate was 40 minutes, time from gate to take-off was 40 minutes. All because of every plane uses the same two runways!! I am literally sitting in the plane, waiting for our turn. Lines of up to 15 planes for one runway!!! Someone please do better managing, Please! Worst airport in America!!!


Coco Mo

2 months ago

I absolutely LOVE to fly through this airport. I live in Myrtle Beach, SC and Work out of Colorado flying monthly or twice a month. The staff here is impeccable! From the second you walk through any door the staff is helpful, smiling and friendly. It's like they actually enjoy their jobs!!! Great terminal with good choices and reasonable prices. I haven't flown through any other airport since I experienced Charlotte Douglas! Thanks guys I appreciate you all.


SteveS Consultant

in the last week

Turn-around, services, and layout is excellent. Very well laid out, whether you are laid over between flights, arriving, or departing. It's often crowded, but most of the major airports are. Quick getting out - about 45 minutes to clear the airport from the time you get off the plane. Security is often crowded, so allow 90 minutes from the time you enter the terminal. One of the few majors where an hour between flights will work.


Ericka Mitchell

3 weeks ago

Wow. I am really surprised at all of the negative reviews. I have been flying out of this airport for years and it is fabulous! One of the nicer/upscale airports in the country if you ask me. Very spacious with lots of great shops and restaurants. Also, I have never waited more than 20 minutes to get through TSA. The whole security process is very efficient and the lines move quickly. A lot of people are complaining about being asked to re-loop but it's an airport for goodness sakes, so not sure what they expected.


Desmond Millender

4 weeks ago

Worst airport Ive been too. Yep! Worst than Chicago! Can you believe it? Bathrooms were filthy. Staff there is terrible. Traveled American Air Lines my flight was delayed well over 4 hours. They changed the gate by saying passengers flight American Airlines ## your gate is changed too ___ thats it. Not one apology! Yep thats right not one! They thought it would make up for it by giving sandwiches. The airport workers there came and took the sandwiches for themselves. As if they were the ones being delayed! And you better believe no one has informed us on why we are experiencing such delay. Please re route before considering coming here.. at least if youre flying American Airlines.