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Brena Purnell

a month ago

This airport was something else. It was hot and the ceiling was open so all the hot air was in the airport. They changed our flight and did not tell us. So we had to hurry up and get to the other side of the airport. In doing so, the ramps that they provided had water on them, so down I went. I fell twice in result of this. Totally busting up my knee. Please be careful when visiting this airport. Be safe!!


Kurt Kirkland

3 weeks ago

Business trip. Thought it was well laid out, easy to find what you need. Will be better once the construction around it is completed. Baggage claim was no frills, easy enough to get your stuff and go. The airport cops keep things flowing at the arrivals pickup area. Not a lot of space for folks to spread out for pickup but that's probably due to construction. Nice airport.



2 weeks ago

Worst airport I've ever been to. I'm in the military and travel frequently, so I have been to plenty of airports. Extremely over crowded. Time from landing to gate was 40 minutes, time from gate to take-off was 40 minutes. All because every plane uses the same two runways!! I am literally sitting in the plane, waiting for our turn. Lines of up to 15 planes for one runway!!! Someone please do better managing, Please! Worst airport in America!!!


Alyssa Grey

a week ago

Charlotte airport is by far my absolute favorite. I've flown across the States and across the ocean and it remains my top choice. Though it is smaller than many airports, it makes up for size with quality. Even with one side currently under construction there are two highlights to this airport experience. If you are a music lover, there is a grand piano in the atrium. If no one is playing and you are a good musician, stop by the bar next door and ask for the key. I bring music especially for this layover and enjoy some practice. The second bit is for military families. Charlotte features a small but welcoming USO. You will frequently see soldiers and families heading upstairs for some quiet and space from the hustle and bustle. Not in the military? Enjoy one of the many rocking chairs available on the ground floor.


Shirley Hoadley

3 weeks ago

My daughter, sister and I used the curbside check in. We were assisted by Gregory Smith. He was wonderful. He helped us every step of the way. He was kind, polite and a joy to work with. A wonderful employee. He played a major part in our airport experience being a stress free and enjoyable experience. Thank you Gregory Smith!