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Elizabeth Marston

4 years ago

I am currently a student here, and I am NOT coming back after thanksgiving. Everyone that I know who is not in culinary is trying to transfer as quick as possible. If you're not a culinary student, you're treated as second class. The academics aren't challenging. The people here suck. The staff is great though. University is in such a weird location and there is constantly construction which is a nuisance when trying to get to class because they block off the sidewalks frequently. Not to mention, the residence halls always smell like weed. Also, for a culinary school, the food SUCKS! please, save your money and send your kid to a nicer school.


Christopher Alexander

11 months ago

I was actually accepted into the school of hospitality and tourism when they first opened the school here if you're looking for a place to learn skills this is it it's located secretary and along the Gold line they can from French Street to Sunnyside drive you can get to the East side to the west side


Melinda Ingle

a year ago

The college is great but the dining hall could use a reboot they don't have very many options to choose from and need to stay open later for students who have class til 8pm


Ashley Evans

3 years ago

I am currently attending this school and it's pretty fun. Charlotte is a beautiful area, but the location of campus is placed strangely. There's always a lot of construction around, but I don't blame the school for that. I'm in baking and pastry and the chefs and students are mostly positive while in class though they seem like they expect so much more out of the students who don't know half the stuff we're being taught. Academics is okay, but some teachers treat the students poorly. When it comes to academics, the student DO know stuff and some teachers treat students like they are clueless five year-olds. I'd say the school is too expensive for what it gives us. I'll be spending years in student loan debt after maybe a bachelor's degree. The food in the cafeteria is horrible for a culinary school. They try to make things fancy and just end up making it more gross. The dorm halls always smell like weed. The RAs don't care and are students as well so if you have a problem with someone, they pick sides. CVT isn't too bad, which is where I'm living next year. I love this school and I was excited to come, but it feels like they're making no effort for any of their students that are paying so much to be here.


Sage WolfeZogg

6 years ago

I'm still currently a Johnson & Wales student. It is OKAY. The Chefs are geniuses and the culinary labs are AMAZING. BUT the academics are merely mediocre, making them not worth the price. Most of the textbooks are written by the school (understandably, since their degree programs are all very complex) and they crazy overcharge for them even by textbook standards. Since they are only available through the school, they take advantage of it. Most of the teachers however, do everything they can to keep you from having to pay for the books. Charlotte is a lovely place to go to school, but they did a terrible job placing the campus. It's MOSTLY a nice area, but after 4 o'clock it gets pretty sketchy. In the year and a half that I have been here, they have changed the curriculum four different times. Most of the changes are fine and don't really effect my everyday. The dorms, are horrifying. The dining hall gave everyone in my year food poisoning at least three times. The apartment style dorms are full of water damage that the school claims to have dealt with, but our carpet is still bubbled up a foot every few steps we take and all of our cabinets smell like mold. BUT they ARE currently getting money together to start building new apartment style dorms. Construction is supposed to start in 2018 (they're currently working on buying the building from the city). Unfortunately since this is technically a remote campus of the Providence school, everything has to go through them before coming to us. They are stuck in the dark ages. They use paper for all their files and also every test, essay, and request. Things get lost all the time and a lot gets lost over the communications between campuses, but that's not charlotte JWU's fault. SUMMARY: Dorms suck, food is poison. Culinary classes are great, academics probably aren't worth the money. They're fixing the dorm situation, but won't be done before I graduate. Providence Campus is the worst.

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