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Natalia Bullock

a week ago

Its quite unusual because I usually have a good experience. I came in last week to take the oranges out of my bleached hair.. and it unusually turned blue. I then went back in the week after to get my hair to its blonde self and asked for a cool grey and VERY SUBTLE BLUE. I cannot stress subtle enough I even showed the image to the stylist a few times. By the end of my appointment my entire head was bold blue with a dark blue crown. I called the next day and all they could do was try and wash it out. It is still very obviously blue and I WAS NOT OFFERED A REFUND. Very very disappointed.


Derrick Wayne

2 months ago

Morgan did a great job! Very nice spot.


Berfin Uludogan

a year ago

I love everything about this Salon! I always saw Dash and she is incredible. Since moving away from Charlotte, I've been searching of a stylists who knows hair the way Dash does to no avail. Sometimes I consider flying down there to see her again even though thats crazy. I would definitely recommend you try Re.


Sarah Sadek

a year ago

Got a smoothing treatment and it was ineffective after a couple weeks even though I was told it would only "grow out" not fade away. When I told my stylist it didn't work she told me to contact Lindsey the owner. I was under the impression I would get either a full refund for the treatment or get it redone. However when I drove FOUR hours to the salon I was told that I'd be charged full price for it and my hair was fine. She did not even wash my hair (it was blow dryed) to see the condition it was in before telling me I didn't need another one. Now I'm stuck with frizzy hair and without $350. The owner was extremely unprofessional and did not care about my satisfaction although she made it clear she wanted my business. The stylists had poor lack of communication, they all told me different things. Supposed to be a high quality salon, but delivers low quality service. Just want your money and for you to leave! What a waste of time and money!!!!


Rachael J

5 years ago

I went here using a gift card for my birthday to get a haircut. I was going from below shoulder length to a more bob style and requested someone who was good with short hair. The place was really cool, though I was thrown by the parking and front doors at first (they are barn door size!). After walking in I got a glass of water and wandered around to look at the place while i waited since I was early. Jesse the hairstylist was very professional and nice, though I thought he was too rough and quick with washing my hair (less massage more rough scrub). He did a fantastic cut and style though, just what I wanted in record time. I'm not very talkative so we ended up not talking much as he seemed to prefer staying focused but he was friendly if I made a comment or asked a question.. It was a really nice place and I would recommend it if you are in the area but not the best I've ever been to and I think there are cheaper places around that do a similarly great job.