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Megan Simmons

4 months ago

Pup Paradise! My dog has more fun here than pretty much anywhere else. We come a lot on weekends to hang and he gets very excited to come for daycare a couple of times a week. I get the absolute cutest photos of him playing with friends!


Ben Cookinham

5 months ago

There is truly only one boarding/day care that I trust for my pup, and that is Skiptown! From drop-off to pick-up, they provide a personalized experience for Philly (my dog). I love to read the daily reports and see all of the fun that Philly is having with the other dogs. Thankful for the Skiptown Team and I know Philly is too!


Lori R. Keeton

in the last week

I cant say enough good things about Skiptown. I took my doodle and was very nervous about how he would do, was it truly secure, were there enough employees to watch the dogs. The answer to all those questions is a strong YES. I now go at least once a week. The staff is SO incredibly nice and they do a great job watching the dogs and also just being sweet to them and the patrons. My dog LOVES it as do I. I cannot say enough good things. Thanks Skiptown for creating a safe and fun place for dogs and their owners.


Meredith Johnson

a month ago

Emma just loves going to Skiptown! She gets the biggest smile on her face when she sees Clover at the front desk. Clover is so good to Emma, so I always know whether she is going to Daycare or the Dog Park she is in good hands and watched after. Clover always has the biggest smile and welcomes every one! Thanks for being awesome both Skiptown and Clover! 100/10 recommend Daycare and 100/10 recommend the Dog Bar and Park!


Victoria Shealy

a month ago

I bring my dog, Sadie, to Skiptown about once a week for daycare and it is by far her favorite day of the week! She gets so excited at the mention of the word daycare that shes ready to go even before we leave the house. Their curbside service is great for busy mornings before work. We are usually greeted by Sadies favorite Skipper, Clover. They love Sadie so much and take SUCH good care of her. They even recognize her every time we come to the bar on the weekends and they make sure to show her some extra attention. Sadies even come to recognize the purple shirts outside of Skiptown and will try to say hi to an off-duty Skipper. Im extremely happy with how well the entire staff takes care of Sadie, but Clovers service is always memorable.

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