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7 months ago

I have been wanting to pop in to check out what they offer for a while now. I was greeted by Michelle. Even though I was not in the market for a pair of glasses at the moment, she took the time to show me some styles. She really impressed me because most people who know they are not going to make a sale dont take the time with customers. Ill definitely be coming back, the next time I need another pair of glasses. I think Ill be going with a clear pair for my next. Check them out! Say hello to Michelle!


Teresa Young

2 months ago

When my new glasses and sunglasses arrived, I had to get them adjusted so they fit properly. The ladies who helped me were super nice and helpful, and the store is adorable.


Stuart Smith

3 years ago

This place is really cool. So much better than a normal retail glasses store. The prices are really good and the service is very simple and convenient. There arent a million add ones that they try to sell you. The staff are friendly and helpful. They take your measurements and make sure you get the right pair of glasses. Fees like an Apple store.


Megan C.

a year ago

I hate to give bad reviews and I have ordered from WP in the past with no issue but my last experience was not great. I walked in and started looking at glasses right away but was quickly reprimanded for not checking in. Fine, that's my bad. But they really should have someone posted at the door "checking guests in" if that is the intention during pandemic business. I tried on a few pairs and picked out what I wanted. The sales associate assisted me with check out and when I asked if they were going to measure me she stated that my measurements were on file. Keep in mind the last time I ordered from them had been 3 years prior and was a different Rx and type of glasses. Later that night I get two confirmation orders. 1 for the pair I ordered and another for a pair I had not even looked at. The other pair was canceled before I could call and ask questions. I got my glasses in the mail last night and can already tell they won't work for me. I really wish they had taken the time to measure me and shame on me for not pushing the issue more as now I am left with the hassle of the return and finding glasses again. Don't make my mistake, and trust what is in your file if you are a return purchaser.


Pete Deitrick

3 months ago

Great experience today. My first time in the store. Im ashamed I dont remember the helpful staffs names. But this is my go to from now on. Great customer service.

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