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a week ago

I have been wanting to pop in to check out what they offer for a while now. I was greeted by Michelle. Even though I was not in the market for a pair of glasses at the moment, she took the time to show me some styles. She really impressed me because most people who know they are not going to make a sale dont take the time with customers. Ill definitely be coming back, the next time I need another pair of glasses. I think Ill be going with a clear pair for my next. Check them out! Say hello to Michelle!


Jocelyn Yang

2 months ago

Currently, I work in healthcare during a pandemic and the Great Resignation. So, it's needless to say that I require frames that can endure long hours and a multitude of patient visits. Recently, I had broken my frames relying on contacts. I decided for this purchase that I would pursue Warby Parker frames. Always, they looked attractive. Additionally, I was intrigued by the 5 day try on. Unfortunately, I thought the selection from the 5 day try on was too limited. Therefore, prompting a physical trip to the Atherton Mill location - I'm so happy, due to this decision. During my partner and I's visit, we met Carolyn. My first visit to and impression of Warby Parker was made exceptional because of her. Incredibly knowledgeable and kind, I purchased frames within 20 to 25 minutes of my visit. Through her introduction to Warby Parker, I became aware of information I did not know previously - despite weeks of researching on the website. Through her introduction to Warby Parker, I felt incredibly welcomed to the Warby Parker family. And, because of her, I will be purchasing my next frames with Warby Parker at Atherton Mill. Thank you Carolyn for such an amazing first experience. My partner and I still talk about the interaction, thoroughly impressed.


Megan C.

11 months ago

I hate to give bad reviews and I have ordered from WP in the past with no issue but my last experience was not great. I walked in and started looking at glasses right away but was quickly reprimanded for not checking in. Fine, that's my bad. But they really should have someone posted at the door "checking guests in" if that is the intention during pandemic business. I tried on a few pairs and picked out what I wanted. The sales associate assisted me with check out and when I asked if they were going to measure me she stated that my measurements were on file. Keep in mind the last time I ordered from them had been 3 years prior and was a different Rx and type of glasses. Later that night I get two confirmation orders. 1 for the pair I ordered and another for a pair I had not even looked at. The other pair was canceled before I could call and ask questions. I got my glasses in the mail last night and can already tell they won't work for me. I really wish they had taken the time to measure me and shame on me for not pushing the issue more as now I am left with the hassle of the return and finding glasses again. Don't make my mistake, and trust what is in your file if you are a return purchaser.


Sarah Noelke

9 months ago

I rarely leave bad reviews but Im frustrated with this WP store. A few weeks ago I went into the store with a pair of sunglasses I had just ordered and received that week that were way too wide for my face. After trying on a few pairs (this was in addition to the home try on I had just done) I decided to order this other cute pair that I tried on and fit well. But for some reason, Im not clear on, she ordered this pair for me in a Wide fit when they have regular fit available. The only way I even found this out was when I was checking on my order status online, I realized she had selected Wide fit. No one asked me if I had a preference or showed me the order to confirm before it was placed. Now I have a second pair of sunglasses that are too wide but I feel really wasteful and picky asking to have these exchanged out again. I should point out however that the customer service online is very helpful and responsive which I really appreciate. This store just seems to have younger employees that are not very familiar with what good customer service looks like.


Abbie Kiefer

a year ago

Awesome glasses and everyone that works there is a literal angel

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