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Dan Longo

3 months ago

Picturesque layout, looks like the natural contours of the area were left in during the creation of the course. So be prepared to add a few strokes to your game. I was hitting off balance all day. Friendly staff and a good value. Say hello to Joel the groundskeeper, you might get a little history of golf.


Jordan Smith

7 months ago

I hate leaving bad reviews, but I hate paying good money for terrible conditions even worse. The bones of the course are great. It's a great layout in a great part of town and the clubhouse is good. The designer of the course really did a good job. If only the same thoughtfulness went in to taking care of the course. The other reviews left recently are accurate. The worst part to me, though, is that there are things that don't require a lot of money to take care of that aren't even taken care of. These guys let weeds and grass grow in their bunkers, which also means they aren't raked and prepped. It looked like a maintenance person hasn't even stepped foot in some of the bunkers for weeks. My round there the other day was also the first time I've ever had to pull weeds in the fairway (big weeds, not little ole things). The greens here are toast. I'm sure they know it's going to take a complete re-sodding to get them respectable again so in the meantime they're just kinda bleh. I know it's hard for courses to make money sometimes with all of the costly upkeep and that's why I don't mind the $50 but if the course plans on having me back, I gotta see some of that money going into keeping the course up.


Brian Maxwell

7 months ago

Played Sunday. I have literally never seen a worse golf course in my life. Rough so high you couldn't find a ball if you stepped on it. Greens burned out with weeds everywhere. Fairways mowed like blind person gave them a haircut. Driving range a mile away with no signs in sight. And Golf carts has a max speed of 1.5 mph which made the suffering last even longer. You literally could pay me $100 to go back for a free around and I would say no chance in hell. How is zero stars not an option???


Gordon Culletto

8 months ago

The staff are very friendly and provide excellent service. The course was in decent shape, there was a rainstorm the night before so our expectations were pretty low. Plan to do a fair bit of walking to and from the tees and greens to your cart. All around a good value for your money. I look forward to going back and hope their greens get sorted out soon.


Mike de Boer

4 months ago

The course, like the recent reviews have mentioned, was in terrible shape. The greens are all baked and have crab grass growing on them. The rough was over 4 inches thick. The course has a great layout and the staff are incredibly friendly but unfortunately that doesnt help keep the course maintained. I wont be coming back anytime soon.