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Charlotte's first bar/arcade hybrid! Home to 20 pinball machines and 30+ arcade games with rotating games monthly. Enjoy a full bar while you play your hold and new favorites!

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gabe newell

a month ago

Not sure how it is in the evening or late night but early afternoon on a Saturday saw a decent crowd, families with kids even. Had plenty of space while I occupied one of the SF3 Cabinets...definitely glad to see this place reopened. Absolutely the best in class. Looking forward to an Initial D Cab and hopefully maybe even establish some Tournaments !!



a month ago

Was pretty cool earlier in the evening. Lots of games for great prices and a good selection of drinks. Later in evening it got really crowded and with all the games being so close together, it was hard to play certain games without being elbow to elbow with someone. Docking some stars because 1) they charge you extra $$ for getting quarters from the bar (at least let customers know about the $2 fee when they order), and 2) they don't allow you to pay your tab with any leftover quarters you have.


Stevenson Peralta

a week ago

Went to the original Abari Game Bar when my girlfriend and I first moved down here a couple of months before the pandemic and thought it was pretty cool. Super Abari is even better thanks to the larger space that they have. Not only that, they such a great collection of old school arcade cabinets and pinball machines that are all well maintained. You also have a giant Game Boy as soon as you walk in and is completely playable. I'd say the only downside if there is one is that there's no food on the premises. I don't know if it's because we're in NC, but so far every barcade I've visited after moving to the area does not offer food. Other than that, I'd highly recommend it and if you're a fan of fighting games you'll most likely find me there trying to rack up the wins with one quarter


Adam Chubbuck

2 weeks ago

This place is a lot of fun, especially for those that enjoy arcade games. Unfortunately, the parking lot is commonly full and it can be challenging to get in as a result. The good news is that while you may wait for parking, you rarely need to wait for the arcade games to be available as there are plenty for visitors to enjoy.


Thomas Neville

in the last week

Great selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Family time on weekends is a lot of fun. Highly recommend this place if you are a fan of arcades or a nice atmosphere to hang out.

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