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Crys B.

8 months ago

Nice atmosphere with very cool decor. Not too big in the inside. Nice size. Drinks were ok. The staff was very kind to us. Walked right in and sat down on a Saturday afternoon. I'm assuming that's the best time to go if you don't want to get stuck on a line and have to wait to get in.


Shionda Farrell

11 months ago

I was invited here tonight for the media private preview event. Super cute inside . The drinks were great , the staff was super attentive . Another great addition to the south end area . Broken Promises is giving me very much New York lounge vibes . Definitely worth checking out guys .


DeniMichelle Diaz

2 weeks ago

I love coming here to get away from the young crowd in our city. The drinks are really great, so great that you get drunk quickly haha! The staff is super friendly and the owner is ALWAYS there making sure everyone is taken care. Love that! And yes, this place is small but if we keep supporting perhaps they could open up a bigger one: positive thinking, guys!


Anastasia M

4 weeks ago

Broken Promises is much like most of the bars you're starting to see pop up around Charlotte, NC. I didn't realize how small this venue truly was. I highly doubt more than 50 people can fit inside.The location is great. It is in walking distance from a lot of resturants, other bars and activities. Drinks were priced reasonably outside of having to pay for water. If I had drunk people at a bar; I would be giving water out for free. It was an experience to say the least. It is beautiful decorated and staff was polite and attentive. Outside of a bit of decor differences; they're much like any other "upscale" bar. Personally not really my crowd but if you're out and about near by; I guess there isn't anything wrong with stopping in for a drink or two.


Private Account

2 months ago

This place would not serve alcohol to my retired older wife because she did not have her license. She was clearly older than the bartender but they said they couldnt serve alcohol to anyone without an id. This is untrue. As a lawyer, the law stipulates that you can request an id check of anyone that you suspect is under the age of 21. It appeared to us that not only are they trying to keep a certain younger age profile for their bar but we may not have fit the looks and race of the clientele they were going for. The few people in the establishment looked like they were in a Justin Bieber/pit bull video wearing sunglasses inside at night and trying to look like they were cool. I dont expect their age/race discriminatory policies will keep them in business long. We ended up at QC Pourhouse next door and spent hundreds of dollars having a fantastic fun filled evening.

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