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Blake Haynes

7 months ago

I went out to eat with my family and my friends family. We decided to come to Dave and Busters that way after we'd finished eating the kids could hangout and play some games. Once we arrived, we ended up waiting at the front door to be seated anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes. We ended up having to hunt down someone that worked there and asked if we'd could be seated. We were seated by one of the wait staff whom apparently was out back smoking weed as he smelled very strongly of it. Hence us not being seated once we came in. Once we were seated we waited another 10 minutes to place our drink order. Once we decided on what we all were going to order for our meal the waiter took it down and sent it to the kitchen. Three of meals that we ordered was their Rib and Sliders combo ( around $17 a person) The waiter returned 5 minutes later to inform us that they currently were out of ribs and we would have to choose something else. To keep things simple we all requested that the ribs just be replaced with chicken tenders. We were then informed that this was not possible. The waiter stated that we could not substitute ribs for tenders. I stated that this wasn't a prior substitution request it was due to the establishment not having an item on the combo meal. He still said he could not do it. I requested a menu again where I saw they have a chicken tender and philly cheese steak slider combo ( around $16). I asked why again we could not have tenders since it was an option in a combo and at a lesser price. He said it was just something the business did not allow. I debated leaving at this point, however, us having a party of 9 and had been here over 45 minutes at this point waiting ,we decided it wasn't worth the fight. We all ended up settling for meals that were really did not want. Once the food came out it was sub par just as I assumed it would be from this establishment. This was our second visit here and it was worse than the first time. I am always about second chances because everyone has busy and rough nights. This place was empty so there is no excuse for such poor service. This D&B will not have my business again and I will be sure to share my experience with others to save them the same headaches. Poor management is an understatement.


Charles P

a month ago

The website shows as open.... I drive about 25 minutes on a Saturday evening for fun with my kids to discover their are signs on the door saying closed!!!!! UPDATE YOUR SITE TO REFLECT YOUR CLOSED!! How can the site not be updated when the automated message says " check our website for the latest up to date information!!


Kenneth Ulloa-Mejia

in the last week

I love this place, if it was dine in, my son would love eat there. The food is amazing.


Mekia U

a year ago

Used a groupon for all day blue swipe games for two. Well worth the price. I wish there were more blue swipe games but it worked out for my young children. It is pricey so if you're paying full price for chips the games add up quickly like 7 chips a game on average. Still a good time. We didn't partake in the food.


Ryan Albury

8 months ago

I celebrated my nomination this evening in this great place. happy to tell that we had a pleasant evening and the venue was clearly the reason for that strong event. The crew contributed in a graceful way, the cooking was extremely good and my buddies were so delighted. We shall absolutely come back again for more events. thanks very much.