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Renee A

a month ago

It's a smaller D&B only Video Games, no bowling, no pool. 2 dining rooms, bar is pretty small as well, bar tenders are awesome, wait staff is super cool. The hostess wasn't on her toes today, came at like the FBI after one of the waiters seated me. She acted like she didn't believe me when she asked "ma'am did someone seat you?" And I replied "yes, there was a guy dressed like you in all black, he'll be back he went to get menus", she proceeded to asking me for a description and was looking around for the 'suspect' as I kept throwing out descriptions of the 'seating bandit'. She then proceeds to tell me, "for your information, in the future, this area is hostess seating only", to which I replied "actually I approached the server when there was no hostess to be found, and my question to him was 'How do I get seated?' to which he replied, 'is it just the two of you?' when I said yes, he cleared the table next to him and told us he'd be right back with menus. FYI." This hostess would do well to remember that she's not a storm trooper and that diners aren't to be grilled for descriptions of who seated them. Aside from her, we had a very enjoyable experience here, the food was awesome, a great way to get out of the house on a super cold day!


Scott Mace

a month ago

This is Chuck e Cheese for adults. Great interactive games and fun things to play. You will always have a good time here. Plenty of things for kids and adults to do. The service was pretty slow when I was there. Food came out pretty quick, but had to ask for plates from the bar since we could not find our waitress at all. They were pretty busy, but would expect a little bit better.


Sarah Arnold

2 weeks ago

Don't bother eating here. Hostesses and managers like to seat you, then accuse you of lying about being seated. It's really unbelievable. They were extremely rude about it too. We waited for an hour to be seated. They gave us a table that was too small. When we asked what was going on and why we were seated at a table for 10 when we had 16, they went and got the manager who then said, "I'm gonna have to ask you to move because you lied about how many guests you had and it's not fair to the other customers." We had always said 16 and to be accused of lying about that was insane. Why would anyone lie just to stand up at a short table and get blown out by a fat guy on a power trip? To top it all off, he then told us we would have to start our hour wait all over again since they had removed our name from the list. After reading other reviews, it looks like they regularly treat their guests this way too. You're better off just not going.


Christina Janek

2 months ago

The only reason to go here is for the arcade which is a decent size and has a pretty good variety. But several of the games we played had faulty controllers that 'conveniently' caused you to suddenly lose (in fps games) or wipe out randomly (in the racing games) - which of course leads to the 'pay to keep playing' screen. And they are sneaky about it too - if you actually do the math on the price per credit, it's pretty darn expensive to play some of these games that only last a few minutes at best. The food here is horrible, and the service is too. We waited probably close to 10 minutes before a server even stopped at our table, and after giving her our drink orders, another 15 minutes before those showed up. The food took equally long after ordering and when it finally came up, it was bland and lukewarm; quintessential bar food. (We got the pretzel pizza appetizer and the slider/rib combo.) I've had better burgers at fast food drive throughs, and the ribs were overcooked to the point of being dry/crunchy. The pretzel 'pizza' had no flavor somehow - like eating a giant soft-pretzel with marinara sauce poured over it and an occasional light sprinkle of cheese that you couldn't even taste. I honestly cannot fathom any reason to ever go back there of my own accord.


Keiaunta Alexander

a month ago

Nice building but the service SUCKS. First of all it took like an hr just to get our drinks(soft drinks) after we paid for the bill and went to play games...our waitress gonna looking for us saying we aint paid our bill n then next thing you know she goes on and said oh not yall. My husband went to the manager and they gonna say oh no we not accusing you...its a miss understanding. Boils down that you dont go falsely accusing ppls before you think....BAD BAD BAD BAD service!