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Jacqueline Smith

3 weeks ago

Do not patronize! The owner is rude, condescending, and I'd venture to say extremely prejudice (after my experience and reading other reviews). After hearing about the theater on the news during this virus, my husband and I decided it would be fun to show my kids the drive-in theater. We arrived at the theater at 5:45, fifteen minutes before the 6:00 ticket booth opening. We saw that the concession stand was open and decided to check out the prices. I walked up to the stand, stood 6 ft away from the window, and read the prices. I was approached (under 6 feet in distance) by what I later found out to be the owner Preston Brown wearing a gun and asking me what am I doing there. I explained that I was looking at the menu. He proceeded to become irate explaining that I couldn't be on the steps (even though NO one was there). This was strange to me because when the theater opens you are required to buy concessions from the stand. I asked why he was being so aggressive and he told me that I can get off of his property he doesn't want people like me there. I said I brought my kids to see a movie. He said "I don't care you explain it to them." I assure you this is the most racist, discriminatory experience I've ever had in my life. I am super surprised since the local TV stations have had him all over the news. Oh and by the way Preston my husband and I are both US Veterans Keeping America Great. What have you done?


stacy campbell

3 weeks ago

Amazing places, amazing staff, amazing prices, amazing movies. This place is a unique gem to the carolinas. Recommend it to EVERYBODY!!!


Samantha Jacobo

in the last week

Great parking spots. Video and sound were both clear. Bathrooms available. Consession food for purchase. Double features offered.


Camille Demarinis

2 months ago

Best drive in the Charlotte area. Two screens to choose from (soon to be three once the 2020 season opens). Food is really good with a huge selection; burgers, fries, fried pickles, nightly specials, and of course all the usual movie goodies. Quality radios for rent as needed too (you'll need an ID with your cash if you're just borrowing one for the evening).


P Young

10 months ago

Overall great place!! I give it 4 out of 5 because during night scenes in the movie were hard to see on the screen. I'm thinking they may need to adjust the settings a bit, and it would be helpful to have concession stands on both sides of the drive in. Those are my only two recommendations, other than that it's a great place to go to catch a show with loved ones and friends!!