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Michael Goguen

a year ago

This was our first time visiting Blackstone and it was our first time handling a firearm. The place is amazing. First, plenty of merchandise available whether for purchase or rent. The facility is super clean and modern. The check in process was easy. Our visit focused on firearm safety. We had our first training course with instructor, Shane Caughey. We are so glad we worked with Shane. He spent just the right amount of time in the classroom to assure we were comfortable handling the firearm. Once he was confident in our ability to understand the firearm and handle it, he brought us to the range. Be prepared for loudness even with muffs on...well, at least when there is an AR15 being fired. It scared the sh** out of us. Once we got comfortable with the sound, the rest was history. Being in the range was so much fun, especially working with Shane since he kept us calm and confident in handling the firearm. We highly recommend this place and Shane as an instructor. Can't wait to go back!


Brad Brown

a month ago

If youre in the Charlotte, NC area, stop by Blackstone near uptown. The store is well stocked with nicely displayed guns and gun accessories. Staff is friendly and helpful. If youre trying to make a decision on a particular caliber make/model to purchase, Blackstone has many guns to test fire. And if you purchase a gun that day, they credit the $29.99 gun range fee at point of sale. Blackstone is an around a really nice sporting arms shop.


Mi Mar

12 months ago

Everything was fine on my visit; the staff was pleasant, the facilities are nice, theres a good selection. I only gave 3 stars because everything felt rushed and the business model seems to be high volume over customer experience. Again, everyone on staff was fine but Ill likely visit places that take their time to engage each customer to give them info, recommendations and a better overall experience.


Charles Vanacore

11 months ago

Great prices and shop. Lots of inventory. Better than most gun stores. Nice indoor range and friendly staff. They dont pretend to know everything and are very honest if they are not familiar with a product, they will tell you. Really enjoy this place. Check them out.


LaQuena Stokes

11 months ago

I purchased my pistol from Blackstone in November and when I received the free one hour pass for gun range time, I decided to go back a month later to put it to the test. I was very satisfied with my purchase and the knowledge given to me prior to purchase. As far as the gun range, it was one of those scenarios where I didn't feel quite comfortable until I actually got in there and fired. I was quite nervous at first but adjusted pretty quickly and now I'm excited to go back! I enjoyed myself!

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