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Jason Hardin

in the last week

Want to start off by saying I had multiple interactions with Lucas & Andrew over about a week and half. They went above and beyond. To be honest they are the only reason I would continue to do business with Blackstone. I was member several years ago and canceled because service was poor. The short version of my experience is I had been working with the Manager Will to buy several firearms and do some range time for a group. Will was easy to work with & seemed to be care about the customers experience. The issue came when my grouped showed up to purchase the firearms and enjoy some time on the range. Will was off and I was left to try to work with Spencer the event coordinator & a gentleman running the range. They seemed to be an issue honoring what Will & I had discussed prior. They made me feel like a inconvenience rather than a valued customer. I was left feeling there was a power struggled between sales/events/range. I felt I was caught in the middle of it and each was going to show me they was in charge. In a world where business should be fighting for every customer so they dont end up the next Kmart, Ruby Tuesday, or any of the many business forces to shut their doors I just didnt feel valued.


Shooter Bob

3 weeks ago

LOVE IT! Clean, well maintained and staffed. As a private firearms instructor, having a clean, safe and well staffed facility is a requirement. I could not be happier with any place than I am with this one. Took my 13y/o son and he had a great time. His rear sight fell off so he had a a few misses at the end but overall, pretty good. Also took my old supervisor, a non-owner of any type of firearm, and he did well also.


Tina Pincelli

in the last week

I've been there twice since I was given a gun for a present. The staff has been amazing working and guiding me on all aspects of owning a gun. From Sam taking care of me and Graham helping me my first time to the safety class I took with Patrice. She is absolutely amazing and after about 6 shots not hitting the bullseye..I was spot on the rest of the class. She made me feel so very comfortable being a first time gun owner. I look forward to going back. Blackstone has done an amazing job hiring the team they have in place. Thank you for your knowledge and your assistance


Martie Bowser

a month ago

I attended a Sip and Shoot and Blackstone with my mother and aunts. Don was the BEST instructor. He was so informative and helpful. He empowered all of us to know our power with and without a gun. Spencer, the event coordinator was so hospitable. Don even walked us to our car to make sure we were safe. If any women are wanting a safe, non-intimidating place to learn about gun safety and how to shoot ..I 100000% recommend going to Blackstone


Steven Fleming

in the last week

I had a 1on1 instruction session with Patrice, this was my first visit to Blackstone and a gun range in general. I was impressed by the facility my instructor was very helpful, knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. Patrice is great and the employees seem to have good relationships with each other and there was a great vibe about this place. I will definitely be back