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Ryan Grew

2 weeks ago

Don Bryant: Provides private lessons that exceed expectations and are well worth their value. His passion and enthusiasm are exceeded only by his knowledge. Tailors to your needs and goals, and always leave a safer, better, more confident and more educated shooter than when you came in. Facility/Staff: Great facility/showroom with a clear emphasis on safety. A friendly, knowledgeable and non-judgmental staff that creates a comfortable environment even for the novice/non-traditional shooter looking to learn.


Cory A. Stuart

3 weeks ago

I have not used the range. The staff are attentive and helpful. Store is very clean and modern, definitely not a dingy gun shop that most of us are probably familiar with. Guns are laid out nicely on display. Selection on guns and gear is great, although prices are what you'd expect (typically much higher than online). I wish they would price-match.


Anthony Bichler

in the last week

Super cool, not expensive like I first thought. Short video and then you're good for range time. RO Ken was super nice guy. I highly recommend it over other places with too many rules and rude people. Five stars


Marilyn T Brown

4 weeks ago

My husband and I took a class last week, and our trainer was Don Bryant. I didn't know what to expect, and I was a little nervous, but by the end of the class, I felt confident because Mr. Bryant put "safety first", and he emphasized that point during the entire training session. He gave me a lot of support and encouragement throughout the entire class, and he was very professional. As someone who had never shot a gun before, I can say that Mr. Bryant is an excellent teacher, and his training skills are VERY thorough.


mark perlberg

2 months ago

Love these guys. My sister was visiting from Brooklyn when I was at work, and looking for something new to do, so she came by herself. The staff helped her out one-on-one, teaching how to properly load, carry and aim. She had a wonderful time and raved about how friendly and skilled everyone was. I was surprised to hear this from totally hipster sister! Thanks a lot for hospitality!