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Kim Hurst

7 months ago

Favorite! Neighborhood spot but all are welcomed. Two bars, back patio, lots of space... Sometimes dancing, sometimes karaoke, always chill... Now with all new updated stage lighting in the main room :)


David Castillo

2 years ago

With the Potions and Pixels event we had a blast and the bar served awesome drinks. I would recommend dropping by for the events there as the atmosphere there is pretty laid back and open. I added images of what went down for me personally.


A Day

9 months ago

I used to really like the vibe in Petra's. But there's a bartender in there now, a woman with dark hair and glasses, who's just smug. My first unpleasant interaction with her was when she added a drink to my tab because she saw me with it. I'd ordered a beer from the taproom in the back and paid in cash. When I asked her to correct my bill, she was just smug. Who just adds a drink to your bill because they saw you with one? A friend could have purchased it for me for all she knows. I was in Petra's last night with some friends and she had the same demeanor. Petra's claims to be a safe space for ALL people. If the staff don't share that belief, that's a problem. I'll definitely remember to ask for another bartender next time.


Chris Gilmore

a year ago

I enjoy this bar. Nothing fancy but has good entertainment and locals play here often. Beer is reasonably priced too!


Daniel Fieldstone

a year ago

ON MY BEST OF LIST... BEST PLACES TO DANCE IN ALL OF CHARLOTTE. They have all sorts of music that will come through and you can dance the night away. Be prepared to be charged a cover charge. It is worth it though. They have a lively front room with a stage and plenty of room to dance. Then they have a back door that leads to a wonderful patio that has another bar in it. The whole place is actually very large, it doesn't look like it but it is actually huge once you get in and explore the whole place.