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Andrew Mariani

a week ago

Excellent experience all around. We booked an event for my buddies bachelor party and it checked all our boxes. Spent a couple hours there enjoying the delicious beef sliders and pizza. The specialty drinks were also phenomenal and 2 beautiful unique golf courses. Our server Sam was fabulous and took care of us so well. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun and unique experience!


Josh Plave

in the last week

Incredible place, they really have built a cool concept that is a lot of fun for groups. We love taking out of town friends here. Nice, long drinks list, and I like that you can drink while playing. My only complaint is the price (18/9 holes), it's really expensive for what it is, but it's a one of a kind experience, so...I can't complain too much.


John Backus

4 months ago

This place is still just making a name for itself but Clayton and his staff are doing a great job! The concept and atmosphere are very unique and there is nothing else like it in Charlotte! Great place to go for a different kind of date night experience or to host your friends and family from out of town. Would highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a great time out on the town.


Jonathan Lewis

2 months ago

Hidden gem of the South End. This place has incredible lighting, atmosphere, seating, and layout. When I first walked in I didn't expect it to be as big as it is. The outside does not do the inside justice. Staff are so courteous and professional. The mini golf was pretty straightforward. The 9 hole course was a bit tight for space but fun and exciting nevertheless. Had a fantastic time, this place is truly an experience. Would absolutely recommend.


Keesha Corbin

5 months ago

We visited yesterday and had a fantastic time. Puttery has 2 courses. You can choose from the Library course and Conservatory course. We played the Library course. The digital scoring definitely elevated the experience. The course is well laid out and the times between groups seemed okay. There was a bit of a backup near the last few holes, which caused a small line, but nothing major. Completing the course took about an hour. You are able to order drinks while playing, but will have to enjoy the food menu either before or after playing. The food is great and service is excellent! Thank you to Courtney for making our dining experience exceptional! Note that parking may be a bit difficult so plan to arrive early or take an Uber.

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