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James Crumpton

in the last week

So we drove from Montgomery, Al to watch Liverpool play this weekend. Did this with the kids 4 years ago and had a blast enjoying the pregame festivities at rooftop 210. Apparently, we are not allowed to this time because we have kids. Not because they are not 21. There letting 18 and up in. Makes perfect sense. Let the 18 year olds in who may try to get alcohol and keep responsible adults with young kids out.


Ben H

a week ago

They kicked out me out with my Dog claiming they allow no dogs, but several other dogs were there. He was very well behaved, literally just laying down. Breed discrimination!!! Asked to speak with a manager and was physically kicked out, do not patronize this business!!


Jamie Lee Carmichael

2 months ago

Please do not go here! Many, many reports of men and women being drugged (ruffied) and assaulted. Worse than that is managements acceptance of this by not even responding to victims. There are other places in Charlotte to spend your money. Be safe.


Zach McDonald

a month ago

The roofie/drug thing is true. Reports of a woman being drugged has popped up recently. More people are coming out about it. I actually enjoyed this place because of the scenery and would come here anytime I'm at the epicentre, but the venue refuses to do anything about it so don't even come here, or really any bar in the epicentre.


Isabella P

2 months ago

Have any other women been assaulted by a bouncer? I have a feeling this is common practice for him. Not in response to any kind of altercation or aggression which is the ONLY reason they are legally allowed to touch you.. to defend themselves. Came up behind me, grabbed me and practically lifted me off the floor then ran his hands down my body and under my buttocks. I am terrified to go back and wish I would have called the cops and had him arrested. I just wanted to go home and get away from him, but I wish I would have pressed charges.