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7 months ago

If I could give this place no stars, I would. My friends and I visited here and this was our first time in the area. The worker and bartender were beyond rude to us. We started playing the games outside when the worker alerted us that we needed to buy something in order to play. My friend then asked what sweet drinks they had. The bartender sarcastically answered "pretty much everything, if you can't tell." My friends and I had already spent a lot, so my friend said maybe she'd do the $3 craft beers. Then the bartender said "Or you can do a $2 soda, that's sweet." The rudeness was beyond what I expected. I will not partake of their service again.


Grantham Coppedge

5 months ago

If you're going to have a dress code, the least you could do is post it on your website. I came all the way out here in a similar outfit and got turned away at the door because of a dress code that I knew nothing about. There's a small bald black man that's extremely rude and offered no explanation or reason as to why I couldn't come in with attire that I had worn during prior visits. I would HIGHLY suggest going else where when you visit Charlotte.


Ethel Mae Glostener

3 months ago

ivr had a long life and this was the best experiences ive had


Dennis Ivanovich Glukhoy

7 months ago

Actually a decent spot in Charlotte's 'epicnter.' biggest issue I have is gender discrimination. Alive after five is a Wednesday summer happening that treats men and women differently. Any girl wearing a tank top or anything sleeveless is totally allowed in. However the same rules don't apply if you happen to be a male. Mgt needs to get real if that's the sort of sexism they are encouraging. And it's not at all formal.. Get real.


Madame Kai

5 months ago

I don't drink but i love this place the music is fantastic even though they should play dubstep and rock music soo much fun!