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Timothy Gosey

4 months ago

Absolutely wonderful experience. We saw a lot of kids having a great time climbing. Awesome place to take pictures. I never knew anything like it was in the Charlotte area.



7 months ago

If looking for any sort of challenge, go elsewhere. This is basically a path through a small wooded area located between housing developments. The large boulders are interesting, but that's about 5 min and .2 miles of walking. Then you'll find yourself asking," Now what?". And the answer will be, trudge through this path that connects one section of houses to another. If you have little kids or just want a short stroll, this is fine, but for anyone else, you will find yourself wishing you went elsewhere.


Andrew Walsh

2 months ago

These are some seriously big rocks, not exactly child-safe. I'm just grateful I was able to grab my 5-year-old before she fell what could have been nearly 15 feet, as even I had a hard time climbing them.


Brittany Angus

2 months ago

Screaming kids everywhere broken glass all over the place. Come from upstate New York to enjoy some nature n look for lizards and snakes and couldn't even see a bird their where so many screaming children running around. 0 out of 10 DO NOT RECOMMEND.


Julie Rimmer

3 months ago

The Large rocks were awesome! It was a pleasant walk. It seemed to need some upkeep though.

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