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Kaleigh Stovall

a week ago

The rocks are really cool but theres no signage so our group kept ending up on private property. Probably wouldnt go again.


Jacqueline Telljohann

9 months ago

This is a tiny little nature preserve hidden in a neighborhood in Ballantyne. There's no parking lot for it. We just parked on the street in the neighborhood. We explored for about half an hour before it started to rain. You probably wouldn't spend more than an hour here though. The huge rocks are fun to walk through and you can even climb on them. There are also some trails down by the creek to walk on. We did this for a bit as well. If you're looking for an easy place to enjoy the weather on a nice day, this is a good place to come.


Sara h

a month ago

was a beautiful thing to see, I brought my 1yr old with us. He loves to run around but there was broken beer bottles everywhere. All around the rock. He wanted down so bad but he is clumsy so we could only stay long enough to take pictures.


Truly Delicious

a year ago

It's a nice, quaint place in the woods that's very, very beautiful && interesting, to say the least. The are many spots to take amazing photos and find hidden beauty. I will definitely be visiting many more times to seek out all the reserve has to offer.


Uhland Michael

a week ago

Kids loved hiking and climbing the rocks! A hidden gem.