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Jun Baxley

2 months ago

Hi this is another girl. It's just really good. I mean, I don't know. It's true New York pizza and I'd give my arm for Lorenzo's to stay in business forever. My favorite pizza is just a large cheese pizza. The price here is a little expensive but you get what you pay for. The atmosphere is welcoming, and it feels like I'm being hugged. The staff members are quick and speedy and they know what they're doing. I like how it's family run and I love supporting our local businesses. I highly recommend going here 5/5.



in the last week

Lorenzo's Pizzeria was good when I first moved to Charlotte 2 years ago, but it has changed staff has often as I change my mind.... The have a nice group of young people working there always polite. But, one night at 8pm I went in for 2 cheese slices. I already had one early that day. But, the cook told the kids that, 'NO' he wasn't making a fresh pie for the house. Now, Lorenzo's claim to be from New York... but I can tell you this it's not... No pizza place in NYC would ever run out of or STOP making pies a whole hour before closing... It's a joke...all these eateries claim to be from NYC or like NYC, but they're NOT... Poor service...Lorenzo's Pizzeria


Kimberly Brewer

2 months ago

Staff was friendly towards us, even when it was getting close to closing time. Wings were delicious!! We'll definitely go back for more. I didn't like the gluten-free pizza very much, but that's just my preference. It was good, just not the style I like. Besides what I really wanted was the pasta, but they ran out of gluten-free pasta just before I placed my order. Maybe next time...



2 months ago

We ordered veggie pizza. The pizza was excellent. The crust was crispy and the taste was awesome. My whole family loved it. Waited for 10 min Agreeable. All the staff were working hard and attentive to the customers. spent a total of 30$ . It was like a home made pizza. thank you!!!!



2 weeks ago

Good food buy girl at checkout wasn't tought how to use a computer to split bill ,even though we 've been there plenty of times before.We had a party of 3 and one person had to pay it all at lunch time ,where we only had little time to enjoy our break.OWNER we will not be back ,do to not educating your staff on how to wait on people properly.!!!! Good food Bad SERVICE!!!!