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John Cox

2 months ago

Review for: Case del Tequila. Greatly enjoyed our dining experience. Drinks: My wife and I each had a margarita and they both great. Food: We really liked the different spin/interpretation that was put on our dining selections. My chimichangas and my wife enchiladas were different from what we had ever had before and different in a good way. My wife particularly liked the way the shrimp that topped her enchiladas were prepared. The service was attentive, prompt, informative, and accurate. Again, a great dining experience. We will be returning.


Bruce Johnson

2 weeks ago

Good choice of restaurants. A lot of turnover in here though, I imagine rent is crazy. Parking is scarce, and I got a boot on my car a few years ago in a spot that was not clearly labeled. Even the tow truck driver agreed, but wouldnt let me out of the fine. I called the management company and they refused to help me also. So parking sucks, but its not the tenants faults. Crispy Banh Mi, Blue Taj and Jade are my favorite spots in here



2 weeks ago

This use to be a premium ballentyne location but from I know due owner's rigidness and shortsitness many good businesses moved out from this property. Very wired and awkward parking situation. There is now a new Ballentine shopping area coming up right across so it may be matter of time this place may run out of business.


Grady Paige

a month ago

All of the investors on the stock market need to come down here and look at some of the vacant properties in the business Parks that's around this area it is something to reckon with I do not know how much you pay per square foot but it is very much well worth it please you have to see these offices that are available for massive companies with massive payrolls they can walk the trails at lunch have a beer if they're an alcoholic smoke a joint of their potheads or CBD they have hiding spots for your troubled employees to get caught doing things that are wrong but all jokes aside you have to look at this real estate it is very well worth it and I'm talking to the other states who are looking to relocate to a climate that is an average of 68 all year round I'll see you guys when you get here just check with Deloitte and touche to make sure your presence of this region with that being said have a blessed day


Samuel Cohen

4 months ago

Many great stores and restaurants in the Village. Jade Sushi, Mellow Mushroom, and a hip little movie theater to name a few. Definitely a place to check out. You can even just hang outside in the Village park on the bench by the fountain. Sometimes they have live bands playing in the Village center.

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