Southwest Charlotte

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Kyng Tut

a week ago

Took my dog for a walk here for the first time ever, awesome place and local to us.


Alexi Aguiar

3 months ago

Great place to go set up a hammock or hang out on the deck. I've actually never taken a boat here. So glad there is access to restrooms.


Keith Brown

3 months ago

I've never actually used this ramp, we fished copperhead creek, on lake wylie, as far as the fishing goes on wylie; it's fallen off terribly the past 10 years, I drive down from North East tn. And for me it's just not worth the trip any more, which is sad because it was a great lake, then there's the Charlotte traffic to deal with, just not worth the hassle at this time.


Kevin Walsh

10 months ago

Be careful visiting here. We stopped for about 30 minutes to check out the walk-in camp sites on a holiday weekend. It was very busy between people fishing, walking and boating. The area is nice, but we came back to a broken car window and stolen items. Apparently this happens fairly regularly here and no cameras have been installed. I can't recommend based on this experience. Don't let someone ruin your weekend like we did, keep driving and find someplace else to go.


Jim Conley

3 months ago

Very nice clean place. Enjoyed fishing there