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Companion peaks at Crowders Mountain State Park—The Pinnacle and Crowders Mountain—offer challenging hikes, towering cliffs and 25-mile views of the surrounding Piedmont. Eleven trails range from pastoral to strenuous, including the Ridgeline Trail, which links to Kings Mountain State Park and Kings Mountain National Military Park in South Carolina. A nine-acre lake offers choice spots for fishing or an opportunity to try canoeing with rentals available.

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Jitender Bhati

3 weeks ago

This is a great hike, with in a short drive distance from Charlotte. We went to Sparrow Springs access and visitor center. They have a nice visitor center. it was closed on Saturday, probably due to Covid, but restrooms were open and clean. We took pinnacle trail, which is 2 mile one way, 4 mile in total. Its moderately strenuous hike, with steep incline at several points. We were in a group with two kids 7-8 year old, and another 1 year old. Breathtaking views at the end. One can see Charlotte downtown on one side, and mountains on the other side. There are lot of other hikes available for any difficulty level.


Dr. Tara Dowdell

in the last week

We hiked up the rocky (orange) side of Pinnacle Trail. It was a moderately challenging experience. Most of all it was fun. I talked to lots of people along the way and great people at the top of the peak. The best part was the amazing view at the top. We took the flat (white) trail down when it split.


Nathan Hobbs

a month ago

Gravel road up the mountain until you get to the tower. Don't stop continue past the tower out to the outlook. You can see Charlotte on a reasonably clear day. Sounds like a short hike but it IS taxing!! This is a steep climb and it's very rocky when you get to the overlook. Footing is tricky. Bring a lot of water/hydration, don't underestimate this one. There is a different route that is more natural terrain and it is more difficult. I took wife, 13 yr old and an 11 yr old. Hit the apple orchard a few miles away after your climb, pretty good cider hits the spot after the climb.


Saad Wali Jaan

a month ago

I took the Pinnacle trail and absolutely loved the hike. The whole way is well maintained. The only thing that I did not like about the hike is the lack of sign. On one of the intersection, I missed the path I took to go up. And realized the wrong path after a mile. All because there was no sign. Apart from that, the scene was absolutely amazing. People were friendly. Though it was raining and cloudy and I couldn't see much on the top but still it was a great experience. Some part was very steep and hard, but still loved the every bit of the hike.


James Latham

a week ago

I love this place- close to Charlotte. I quick hike that will get your heart rate up. The view up top is nice, one side is mountains in the distance and the other is Charlotte's sky line.

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