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Sammi Panko

2 months ago

After being a happy customer/member for over 3 years, I would no longer recommend this studio. A switch in ownership and management led to a drastic change in quality and customer service. All of the extremely talented instructors that had been at the studio for up to 5 years quit along with the staff (they are all moving to a new studio opening soon). Beware of quitting as myself and others have experienced the staff lying to you letting you know that you are good to go and will not be charged anymore but continuing to charge you anyways. I know there is a 30-day cancellation notice, but they will "forget" to cancel your membership and charge you for more with no way to remove your credit card from your account. They also will not answer your phone calls or emails and will not follow through with what they tell you in person. I would spend your money at a studio that has more respect for you and does not try to nickel and dime you when you choose to cancel your membership.


Tanya Bustamante

3 months ago

Whatever you do, don't sign up online!!! They charge you a $99 "enrollment fee" that doesn't apply to any classes. They said it's like purchasing a ticket on Ticketmaster through their website. What?! Who would pay $99 for a transaction fee? Enroll in-person to avoid this fee. Actually, avoid this place completely!!! They are extremely rude and don't care about providing decent customer service. The general manager is the worst, biggest attitude and ego I've ever encountered. Get out of customer service, you are terrible at it. Beware of the 30-day cancellation notice as well. They make it hard to cancel and when you do, you are still charged another month BUT only get to use your rides for 2 weeks after canceling- WHAT?!! Just bad and half the bikes don't even work.


Vivian Wang

3 months ago

I tried to attend one class to try out cycling. Booked through ClassPass, arrived at class, and was told that they only have 1 pair of cycling shoes in size 7 and is no longer available. The front desk rebooked me for the next day and told me that they would set aside the pair of size 7. However, when I arrived at the studio the next day, I was told again that no cycling shoes are available. The guy at the front desk refused to believe me that I have tried size 6.5 and 7.5 yesterday and that they don't work for me. He insisted on having me try a pair and that didn't work.. the worst part is that when I asked him about the size of the pair he would lie about it and say it's 37(my size) when obviously they are not. And he continued to tell me that I should have brought my own pair. This is rediculous - the studio should stop advertising that they have cycling shoes available when they only have 1 pair for the most common women's shoe size. not only was I inconvenienced, the entire interaction was unpleasant. The experience is frustrating and a total waste of my time.


Anthony Cipoletti

5 years ago

The good and the bad: Good: Great instructors (highly recommend Erin and Anthony but the three I've had were all great) Super clean and new They actually have showers A lot of lighting effects used during class to keep your attention and mix it up Good bikes Free shoes! Bad: This studio is focused on a lot of higher RPM spin cycles, even while in 3rd. Just not my style, I prefer to surge/sprint in the saddle. Although stats are constantly recorded, they're not constantly shown. If you're there to compete against yourself this isn't an issue but if you get a boost from competing with others this is a problem (unless you're doing one of the times sprints!) All in all, great studio and more affordable than flywheel/soul cycle.


maria boccia

7 months ago

The worst cycle place Ive been too! The bikes are not maintained properly and the shoes they have are the worst. Do not sign up for a membership. Once you sign you have to go back in and cancel even if you move. The company will not email you a copy or cancel over the phone. What a joke!

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