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Anthony Cipoletti

2 years ago

The good and the bad: Good: Great instructors (highly recommend Erin and Anthony but the three I've had were all great) Super clean and new They actually have showers A lot of lighting effects used during class to keep your attention and mix it up Good bikes Free shoes! Bad: This studio is focused on a lot of higher RPM spin cycles, even while in 3rd. Just not my style, I prefer to surge/sprint in the saddle. Although stats are constantly recorded, they're not constantly shown. If you're there to compete against yourself this isn't an issue but if you get a boost from competing with others this is a problem (unless you're doing one of the times sprints!) All in all, great studio and more affordable than flywheel/soul cycle.


Kasandra Hinson

7 months ago

I have 2 stars because the instructors are amazing and the classes are incredibly motivating. However, I canceled my membership because I hurt my knee working out elsewhere and tore 2 ligaments. I canceled my membership the same month because of this mishap. It has now been 4 months since I canceled. The girl who did the cancelation apparently did a 1 month hold instead. I called the company 3x before anyone would get back to me and the woman whom I spoke with was very sweet and apologetic. She refunded me the money that was taken from my account and I figured that was it and it was finally canceled. I have now been receiving emails saying I owe money for the last 3 months. To be clear this was a clerical error on their part that was just never rectified. This has been an absolute nightmare. No one will call me back. I just keep receiving emails. If you ever plan on canceling an account with this company just don't join. Its incredibly unfortunate because again the instructors are amazing but whoever is running the business/training the front desk clearly has no idea what they are doing.


Jen Hill

9 months ago

Im newer to this cycle studio but have loved it so far! Every time Ive taken a class with a different instructor they have come up to introduce themselves to me, which is a nice personal touch. Everyone seems to be so friendly and helpful plus the classes are truly a great workout. I will continue to cycle here! Try it out! First ride is free


Finian Curran

7 months ago

Enjoyed my spin class, also no flat tires or traffic or red lights, even the whole bunch of 49 stayed together.


Molly House

a year ago

Instructor had no idea what she was doing and spent 40 min of the 45 min class standing on the bike, inefficient way to burn calories in a spin class. She demonstrated horrible form: bopping around when seated, had her hips in the wrong place while standing, and jerking her legs; many in the class followed suit. The class was predominantly 20-30's who can get away with poor form in the short term, but these are dangerous habits to form that will lead to premature wear in your joints and injury. Very little instruction provided, mostly just shouting to "push yourself". I'm all about fun music and an intense class, but at this price point I'd expect a structured class with a knowledgeable instructor demonstrating and coaching proper form so I can enjoy spin for years to come.