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Bob Schneider

a week ago

State park has some nice hikes to vista points as well as water falls. We enjoyed the high points better than the water falls to be truthful. Very nice views. We liked Moore's Loop. However ... lots of litter bugs running around in this park. My wife and i noticed lots of discarded or lost face masks, empty plastic drink bottles along the trails ... even in rather remote points. normally we would pick stuff like this up but with Covid19 we've refrained. However we've never noticed this much at other parks we hike in. Really wondering what's going on.


Paul Corte'z

in the last week

Conflicting info of when the park closes the gates. In the park signs say 9, when you call it say 10, and their Google info say 8 A hassle because you don't want to get stuck inside cause you going by info that may not be correct


Cameron Moore

2 months ago

This location is absolutely gorgeous. The entrance here is easily accessible and the path to the trails is paved. Dont be fooled by the easy going at the beginning because you have some excitement in store. You start out on a simple path leading up to the main trails. It's great for a brisk walk if that's your interest here. After that you reach a rather large staircase leading up to the more rocky trails. Be care to wear proper shoes so you don't slip if its wet. In all you climb the equivalent of 74 flights of stairs to reach the top trails. There are tons of great views from the top looking out at an amazing scene that it notable and photo worthy. You might wear your legs out a bit to get it the top but it is well worth the venture.


Alison Allred

a week ago

We hiked from one waterfall to the next down the creek, saw the most incredible rock formations, and had a wonderful tome beating the heat at this state park! The walk back up is strenuous but nothing most people cant manage. Bring water and water shoes and youll have a blast!


Bruce Wallace

2 weeks ago

Definitely not the best state park in NC..... but it is extremely beautiful and my favorite state park in the area (Stone Mountain too). Cool waterfalls and wonderful views. Good for dogs as well, I have hiked most of the trails enjoy!