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Inner Peaks Climbing South End


South End

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Photos by: Bryan Miller / @fixedlinemedia

Fitness? Fun? Friends? Whatever you're reaching for, you can go for it at Inner Peaks Climbing. Now at two great Charlotte locations.

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Timothy Aanen

2 weeks ago

This gym used to be so great. Before "Covid" you could pay for a day pass and stay the day. Now you are paying for a 2 hour window. The membership does allow you opportunity to climb more but is still time restricted. That's a big change in pricing. Also while you are working out and rock climbing they tell you that you must wear your mask the entire time. Your touching everything in the gym and everyone is panting from exertion. Someone is gonna faint on the wall. This seems completley unreasonable, unsafe and un American as it imposes someone else's will upon mine. I don't see this business profitting the same with their new pricing and rules. If it was a choice to wear your face mask while you rock climb I would consider bringing my family friends and business back but refuse to with the reformed inner peaks.


Casandra Hyde

8 months ago

So much fun! It can get crowded but the atmosphere is vibrant and filled with excitement. They have many different experience levels for climbing. My six year old daughter went for the first time and had a fantastic time.


Jacob Hawkins

a year ago

Love this place. My son climbs here with a class. Theyre great with adults and kids. They adjust many of the routes each week so you can keep going there and still encounter new routes to challenge you. The employees and customers are super chill. The facility is clean and impressive. Highly recommend.


Adrian Martinez

4 months ago

Great place to have fun climbing, ideal for first learners. Arrive before 6pm for a good parking spot. Enjoy it!


Todd Hudson

9 months ago

Great variety of climbing, bouldering, auto belay, top rope, and lead. Two different wall sizes for ropes, so easy to bring new people and get them acclimated. Great hours. And they change up the routes frequently. So always something new to work on.