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Photos by: Bryan Miller / @fixedlinemedia

Fitness? Fun? Friends? Whatever you're reaching for, you can go for it at Inner Peaks Climbing. Now at two great Charlotte locations.

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Scotty Gustafson

5 months ago

Great location with awesome climbing walls. As someone who doesnt have much experience, the process to rent gear, watch a short educational video, and to climb was all incredibly simple. Its certainly for all skill levels, and they have unassisted climbing walls where you just hook in and start climbing by yourself with the auto belay systems. My brother had his own belay devices so we tackled some other walls but there is tons of options to choose from. Staff was helpful and the facility was clean and a great place to spend an afternoon. Highly recommend!



3 months ago

This was so much fun! Staff was friendly and informative. It's a little pricey but I would go again. Really puts your strength to the test too!



3 months ago

Got here excited to climb and have a good time, rented all the equipment and payed for a $20 pass. Now Im not a professional climber but I like to go climb some times. This is a new gym and Ive never been here and I havent been climbing in a long time. I learn that I have to take a test to climb. So Im a little rusty and the knots are not muscle memory yet he tells me to tie the climbing knot. Im renting their harness so I ask hey where do I start cause I know every harness is different he tells me he cant say, its part of the test. So of course, I do the wrong thing the first try. Once I fix that and do the right thing he tells me that I cant climb because I took to long and didnt do it on the first try. You would think that if you say that you havent been climbing in a long time that they would go over it real quick but no. So if you are looking to climb for the first time go to a different place because this is not a beginner friendly place!


Josh Kerr

3 months ago

Facility seems nice but Im not sure whos running the place. Showed up on a Sunday and they were setting routes for an event the next weekend, but the only 40 auto belay route available that was the speed route. Another auto belay had two routes but had sections missing Update a month later: three auto belays on the tall wall have a combined two routes set, one of which is the speed route. This is a nice place with nice staff that is in need of management, or maybe just route setters. And definitely an adult to check the music selection.


Andrew Touzel

a year ago

Absolutely loved our first trip to Inner Peaks. There are tons of route options, so much space to boulder, areas for more experienced climbers... Everyone was extremely welcoming to us, as first timers. We had a blast! I could stay away!! Went back a few days later (driving from Columbia).

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