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Valeska Stephanie

4 weeks ago

The selection here is extensive and the space is huge. I really enjoyed the garden center as well. Im giving 3 stars because this ace wouldnt take ace rewards. It took 3 employees fiddling with the register and then comments like well this rewards is under a business account I think it can only be used at this particular ace and Ive never seen one this amount. We told them up front that our father in law gifted his rewards to us and that not only does he use his rewards at different aces in different states for his business but we had recently used another reward he gifted us for $40 at another ace in Charlotte with no issue. They asked for my father in laws name, his phone number, his zip code then my husbands first and last name and still they couldnt figure it out. The whole scenario was a bit embarrassing and made to be extremely complicated which was just so odd. We left our items and drove to the another ace and picked up the same items with the rewards card and had no issues. We even saw that a few of the same items were priced significantly lower. So it seems this particular ace just wont be for us. As I said in the beginning, the selection here is great but the experience not so much. Were new homeowners right in between two aces so we will just stick with the other one.


Daniel Boyce

a month ago

Being somewhat who has been doing a lot of DIY work since COVID-19 started, I have had a lot of experience with various home improvement and hardware stores and the service at Blackhawk Hardware js unparalleled. Not only do they have someone at the front who is educating around stores expectations during the pandemic, but this person will proactively ask what you are looking for and then point you in the right direction. With time being limited in order to get what I need and head to the next place to get everything I need, this level of service is amazing. While in the store, there are a number of people willing to help in finding what you need. Since the store has recently expanded and they have an entire downstairs area with new access in the center of the store, having this level of assistance is very much appreciated and leagues above the level of service at Lowe's, Home Depot and other similar stores. Though they may not have everything I need like some of the larger home improvement stores, they have a lot of what I need and the quality of products plus level of service is superior, so I will always check here first if there's a likelihood they have what I need. I also used their website to find the products I needed and see the various options and availability, which is surprisingly updated and accurate so I commend them on remaining updated with the need to be digitally focused.


Meredith Deem

2 months ago

This place is the best hardware store I have been to..Everyone in there was helpful and seemed happy to be at work. They were literally all smiling. The staff is conveniently placed around the store, so they are easy to find if you have questions. The store is very organized and clean. I found a specific kind of reader glasses there that I havent been able to find. I was impressed with the selection here and with the store in general. Ill be coming back


Mickey Brown

a month ago

They have everything you can think of and a very knowledgeable staff of people ready and willing to provide help, or conversation, around every corner. Love the garden section. One of the only places around I know to buy permatil. A must visit


Stuart Smith

a year ago

This is a great store. They have everything you can think of and a lot of specialty items you wont find in a Lowes/Home Depot. I also love the garden center.