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Robert Kisiah

3 months ago

Had an amazing experience in this store today. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. They had at least 8+ people sitting around the sales floor hanging out ready to help. Dogs are allowed and they give out free treats and love to pet them. Free popcorn at the front, too! Eclectic gift selection and other misc home items can make this store a weekly stop. Its way more than hardware!


Wallace Shields

2 months ago

Ive come here many times over the last six years with only great experiences. This morning I was making my first return and the service person treated me as suspect by the way she examined a tube of latex I was returning. Actually this I could understand but when she find no blemish she then asked so you didnt use any of this did you? I wondered if this was supposed to make me feel like a stupid thief or just a thief? Think some training is in order. If Im smart enough to get product out a sealed tube then I certainly smart enough answer your question no.


Michael Icenhour

6 months ago

Let me start this review by saying I love Blackhawk Hardware. I enjoy this store, its variety, and the people that work there. I know the prices are more than online, Lowes and Home Depot but I have been willing to spend that extra money to keep this retailer in Charlotte. At a recent trip this past weekend, I was surprised to find out that they have just changed their policy on the little reward and coupon cards they send in the mail from Ace. The $5 and $10 savings cards. In the past, they have accepted expired cards. On Saturday 1-6-2018, I was told that policy changed in January and they no longer accept the expired cards. I am very sad to hear this. I feel they should stay with the old policy of accepting expired coupons, since they are "earned" . With their prices often being higher, I think the old policy is a way of rewarding customers who shop there frequently. When I was told this at checkout, I admit, it did stop and make me reconsider shopping there as compared to other alternatives.


P Barr

5 months ago

The customer service in this chaotic place is terrible! It was very difficult to find anyone willing to assist in the Customer Service Area..the signage denoting such is obviously for decorative purposes only. I had to call the store from the supposed Customer Service Area, from my mobile, to attempt to get an employee to come to the area. A very rude, cantankerous, employee came over only to tell me whatever was needed I needed to hurry up because his shift was over at 2p. Needless to say, I immediately verbalized my frustration and called him out on his rude, obnoxious behaviour. Finally, someone with decency and consideration came to assist, Curtis, and I was able to pick up an item I called about earlier that day. I credit Curtis for saving the sale otherwise I would have left without patronizing this crappy, chaotic place. I will more than likely NEVER return as this place certainly does not value the customers. I'd prefer to spend my time and money at the big box stores-Lowes | Home Depot. They do value the customers and assist when needed!


Cynthia Stockwell

8 months ago

Huge selection of high quality items. A bit expensive for every day shopping. If you need a bolt or in a uncommon size or need anything in Stainless, Blackhawk is the place to go. They carry everything you can think of and some very unique items! The staff is all very knowledgeable and helpful. Like an old time hardware store, free popcorn in the front of the store and they allow dogs!