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Nicole Plaza

a month ago

Jasmins ghetto attitude almost at made me puke . I entered there ( since i had to wait 45min for my next flight) to try the new mascara based on my fried recommendation, and she literarily asked me to leave bc i dont make a purchase. Regardless, at that time or later I will never ever buy that mascara bc of her poor , ugly attitude. Mac needs to train better their employees.


Joann Clinton

3 years ago

I love MAC. They never disappoint customer service wise and this store was no exception. Originally went in just to window shop and kill time between flights. The clerks attention and time she spent a new technique, even after I told her I was just browsing, changed my mind and I left with some product. She was kind, patient and confidence infusing! All that while working on her feet and expecting!


LandR Clemons

4 years ago

I ran in last minute for a makeover between flights. The employees were super understanding and helpful. The makeup artist did an amazing transformation on me. They all had great attitudes and impeccable customer service skills!


Kimberly Davis

2 years ago

On the 7th of January my husband came into this store without any knowledge of makeup. He just knew that I love it and wanted to get me a late Christmas gift since he was working during the holiday. With the help of the wonderful lady who was working there (we don't know her name unfortunately) he was able to pick out the perfect items for me, one being foundation. With nothing but a picture she matched my skintone to the exact color I needed. Probably better than I could have done myself. I loved everything that they picked out for me. She was very helpful and didn't take advantage of the fact that this manly man didn't know the prices of quality makeup. When I picked him up at the airport he was so excited to give the gifts to me and was even explaining what the prime/fix, under eye cream and strobe cream gift set was for. It was one of the sweetest moments in our 14 years of being married, which is saying something because he is a pretty sweet man in general. Thank you for helping my husband, for being patient with him and for teaching him something about the makeup so he could understand more about the gifts he had given me. It truly means a lot to us both.


Precious Mint

3 years ago

Perfect for on the run at the airport got what I needed and something extras

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