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Esther L Suero

3 months ago

Quite place one block down to El condado beach, very clean , parking space. A lot of restaurants with good food,


Intelligent Infinity

3 weeks ago

The list of reasons this place sucks is to long to list, but here's a few 1. Best buy - worst store in the city of Charlotte bar none. 2. Parking. I hope you like driving in circles. 3. Claustrophobic - whoever designed that shopping center was crazy or a shut-in. 4. The layout. 5. I'm going to go ahead and list parking and best buy again because they're just so freaking bad.


Tanya Parks

5 months ago

Nice walking and shopping area. Also you can take photos in the near park.


Ashley Sierra Jones

2 months ago

One of my favorite places to go shopping! There's Marshall's and Target for clothing and everyday goods. Target and Trader Joe's for grocery shopping (me personally, I adore Trader Joe's for groceries and fresh flowers). Best Buy gets on my nerves but you gotta love it (I would fail at working in Geek Squad like back in high school... I'll sell a nice Samsung Galaxy to a Neanderthal when I'm done with this phone). Lol


Jeannette Marrero

a month ago

The best Italian style Pizza that we had, we absolutely love it, they use clean ingredients, that allows you to eat without feeling full and bloated, you can always indulge on a creamy gelato afterwards and feel good. Service is always on point.

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