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Shirley Bader

7 months ago

This business is amazing!! I brought in a statue that was broken in multiple places, with most of the pieces missing. They restored it so beautifully that it looks like a new statue!! Even the clothing was sewed and cleaned with obviously so much care and attention. It is evident they truly care and love what they do and I will definitely recommend them. If you want something done right, go to Precious Restorations.


Jennifer Nisbet

a year ago

I would highly recommend Precious Restorations! Jack was extremely professional & courteous. He repaired the tail on an ivory alligator that was broken in 2 spots. He did a fantastic job for a reasonable price and it was ready for me in less than a week. Its worth a trip to his shop even just to check out items for sale like his extensive record collection as well as some beautiful jewelry thats very unique.


Marie Carter

a year ago

Jack and Dana are true artists. They gave me back a part of my childhood and even more importantly, a part of my late Grandma I thought was lost forever. In 1983 my Grams built me a dollhouse. My siblings destroyed it in storage, along with my heart and memories. Two restorative companies turned me down. One even said the dollhouse was "kindling" and I should throw it away. Enter Jack and Dana, my last hope. They took one look and said YES, it CAN be done. I asked for no changes except if possible, could the windows be glass? Jack advised they may have to rebuild the windows and it might create a change. They were able to do it with no noticeable difference. The time frame and price Jack quoted were spot on, and it was completed earlier than I expected. They were able to tell me what I did not even know: that the roof was cedar and the floors inside hardwood. My Grandma put her time, talent and heart into this gift and I was devastated and in tears when I saw the damage. Jack and Dana kept me informed throughout the process, and were kind, professional and caring. They treated my Dollhouse as it it were their own. They understood how hurt I was to see it damaged and they returned to me the joy, love and pleasure I felt when it was made for me. In truth, their gift meant more than when Grams gave it to me, because I had a Precious gift and it was taken from me and I feared was lost forever. But they returned the gift to me and I do not have the words to describe how talented, caring, respectful, caring and yes, downright PRECIOUS these two EXCEPTIONAL artists are to me. I would trust anything to their tender loving expertise and talents. Jack and Dana: You are a God send and you have made me happier than I have been in this lifetime.


Jeff Trzcinski

2 weeks ago

My great grandmothers painting fell and had a large rip going down the middle. Not only were they able to fix the rip without having to repaint anything, but they also were able to clean the entire thing! It looks like it was just painted today!!!! Its so fresh and lively looking!!!! I have so many more paintings that need to be cleaned and will be taking them here!!!!


Pamela Pulver

a month ago

Jack just restored a signature on expensive artwork. Wow! He did extensive research and did a stellar job. I highly recommend him. Very friendly, very responsive and does top quality service.

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