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Stephanie Suddreth

a year ago

DONT SHOP HERE!!! This business took my handmade leather handbags and accessories on consignment. They sold my products and owe me $932. They have never paid me!! This company scams small businesses out of their products and doesnt pay them!!!!


Kyrie Snyder

10 months ago

The coffee is terrible, nothing is clean, the boss is a con artist, do not support this business. I worked there for 5 months before quitting because of bad business practice. The owner wanted to start a coffee shop before he even had a sink in the place and made me wash all of the dishes in the public bathroom, he also said his pay schedule was different than most in the way that you are always behind two weeks so when i got my first two week pay check i had already been there for a month and only got paid for the first two weeks, then when i quit i didn't see the last two weeks pay ever. he also started putting plumbing in the historical latte arcade building without permission from the owner and told me to hide it with a poster when she stopped by. Jay is the worst business owner ive ever met do not support him or his business and DO NOT WORK FOR OR DO CONSIGNMENT WITH HIM YOU WILL NOT BE PAID IN FULL. Finally if your looking for unique boutique clothing try anywhere else, he gets very cheap generic stuff and sells them for wayyy to much or he gets nice local things on consignment, to which you could just go to the local store, if you like the suits and hats in the store the people that make them are literally in the same building across the hall.


Mackenzie Dwyer

2 years ago

Love this place! I can always find a new piece for my wardrobe, or gifts for others! Staff is really helpful. Its a great place to shop or grab a coffee!


ill muse

3 years ago

Great experience! I shopped and had a good conversation with the staff. Very friendly and had a lot of the goods I can't find elsewhere in Charlotte. Will be back fand would recommend.


N Stevenson

3 years ago

CIAA weekend... this store/lounge decided to sell a VIP ticket online for a day party, priced at $200. This included entry and a bottle. After we bought the VIP online, the site said it was sold out. So here we are thinking the party is sold out, it's going to be dope, but nope! No one was there but employees!! They literally gave us a sofa to sit on to drink and said to look at it as a place to pre-game. In a retail store? For $200? We asked to speak to a manager/owner, but of course, no one was in or could be contacted. The staff was nice, especially Bre (someone they hired for the weekend), but this was a major rip off. I'll never do any kind of business with them again and I'll be sure that none of my friends and family will either. $200 down the drain on a retail store smh.