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Rebecca Wingler

5 months ago

Not a bad experience selling the few items they selected. However, I take very good care of my clothes and brought them in neatly folded in a tote and when I got them home, they were just thrown in a pile with the shoes all between clothing pieces. I feel that's no way to return clothing to the seller, especially when you are asked to bring them in ready to wear. Now I have to iron them so they'll be ready to wear for the person who does want them. Employees should at least make some effort to return them the way they were presented.


William Thompson

2 weeks ago

Alana who is the assistant manager is rude and very nonchalant giving bad information and shes inconsiderate to the customer giving false wait time then saying total opposite when Im at the store is misleading previously when she wasnt in the store thats never been the issue and its was a crowded day. today there wasnt anyone in the store so if you didnt know something why say you did? And on top of that the assistant manager hung up on me in the middle of a conversation so Ill stand on my review and Ill keep giving that horrible assistant manager another review


Monique Henry

2 months ago

First time and wont be the last. I love this place and the service is top notch. So many good choices to chose from!!!


Dena Carroll

3 months ago

Designer clothing and apparel reasonably priced with many selections to choose from. If you don't find something here, it's because you weren't really looking.


Robert Briskey

9 months ago

Uptown Cheapskate is the a great place to go there items are good quality and very affordable prices

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