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Reedy Creek Nature Center and Preserve


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University City

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Jeff Pete

2 weeks ago

Absolutely fell in love with this park the moment I moved to Charlotte. They have a great center for kids to learn, well kept trails with beautiful scenery, an outdoor play ground, and one of the most fun disc golf courses I've seen! Absolutely worth checking out!



a month ago

This place is absolutely amazing. I spend about 5 days a week here. Its HUGE! There is a dog park, baseball fields, basketball courts, hiking trails, disc golf courses, 2 huge ponds that you can fish in, a free nature center, huge kiddie playground, wide open fields, picnic tables, volleyball courts and a new, state-of-the-art American Ninja Warrior inspired obstacle course that is decked out in Panthers colors and logos. It has a button that you hit and it starts your timer on a big electronic scoreboard. Sensors in the ground stop your timer when you cross the finish line. There a 40 yard dash section that does the same thing.. its really awesome.


Amber Hill

a month ago

This park has a huge dog park that Im at all the time. My dog goes absolutely wild from the time we pull in and park he loves it there so much! Theres always plenty of dogs running and playing- seriously there is so much room to run around its crazy. Only giving it 4 stars because the ground is straight dirt.. definitely dont go after its rained lol. There are a lot of awesome trails to walk as well and last time I was there I saw they were putting in a super neat American ninja warrior training course! Definitely gonna go try that out. Overall, great park.


Antoinette Hicks

2 months ago

Bought some random gifts at the gift shop for my nerdy friends and family. Great prices. Limited selection but then again I'm the nut who went to the park to find unique gifts ( I did ) one of the most beautiful parks within the 485 loop


Jenny S

3 weeks ago

We love the dragonfly trail around the lake. Our 4 and 2 year old can walk the entire thing without getting too tired. Pack a picnic and eat on the dock or in the woods. Either way, stress is reduced, kids are entertained, and it's free. Can't beat that. Plus, you can bring your dog. Fun for all. We try to go as often as we can. Our kids call it "Adventure Park". Multiple playgrounds, fields, disc golf courses, trails to choose from. The nature center is great for little kids. A dog park and many picnic areas. Get a map to see all the parking and activity options. Do make sure to lock your car, though. Put valuables out of site. Be smart.