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Mimi Hsu

11 months ago

I love being able to support small black owned businesses in the area. I discovered this bookstore thanks to you a local blog. It is slightly hidden away in the shopping center and yet is easily accessible. I like the way it was laid out in sections of specific categories. The wall art was also extremely inspiring. I could see myself sitting in here for hours reading. They also had sections with great local items as gifts for people. Theres so much that you can discover in this place and I learned that they also do booksignings for local artist almost weekly if not monthly.


Tee R

4 months ago

Had a great time talking with the owner, Sonyah. She was very welcoming and the store has so many interesting titles to choose from, it was hard to leave with only the three that I bought! There's also a good amount of items for sale from other black-owned businesses (bags, coffee cups, jewelry) so it's a great place to pick up unique gifts too!


Cris Taylor

4 months ago

Yes. An actual, physical bookstore...and it's amazing! Great place to find both poplar and unique urban books, games, puzzles, laptop stickers, art, magnets and more for ALL ages. Great children's selection as well. They also feature local Charlotte authors and book signings. I love it here! #bookgeek


Jether Williams

a year ago

Visited the Urban Reader Bookstore during their grand opening and found it to be a cute book nook. There is a good variety of books and games offered and I am pleased the book I wanted was available in store. The owner was friendly and warm greeting my husband and I as soon as we entered. Ill definitely come back for a trivia night and book club meeting.



10 months ago

I am very intuitive. Definitely also peep energies. My initial walking into the store had a home like feeling, but the person who introduced me to the store was very welcoming and polite. But the Vibes with the Cashier was off. She wasn't friendly and welcoming. Everything she did Do was because that is a part of the job. Her customer service gave Mcdonalds vibes, but Id say overall Burger King vibes because of the Physical store was beautiful. One thing about me is Where I see value I will spend my money. I see no value in a place with Dry workers. As a black business especially towards people of your own kind Have to do better. Vibes was so unpleasant I really never want to go back. I had a bad experience with AT&T 13 years ago and not looking back. Statistics show a 70% woman is more likely Not to shop at a place again when customer service is bad an thats true. I only purchased what I did to support the owner who I believe based on the upkeep and appearance of the store is humanly "honorable."

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