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William Garcia

a month ago

With the wide variety of items that one finds in a thrift store and the equally wide variety of conditions of items found within one, it would be hard to rate them 5 stars. That said, there were some brand new shirts and pants on the racks and I found a floors steamer and book shelf too that was in really good condition. Happy shopping!


Meg B

a week ago

Once my favorite thrift store. Now at least 1/3 of the store is dedicated to new items. It doesnt feel like a thrift store anymore. No more furniture either. Just feels very different now.


Scott Somerville

2 months ago

Havent encountered pleasant employee since Ive been going here. They will refuse to sell you an item if theres no price yet half the items you pick up have no price. Todays excuse is they are too short staffed other days theyll tell you nobody is there to check prices. No refunds on untested electronics with out power cords


Michael Glazer

3 months ago

Awful. The entire store smells horrible and parts of the store even smell like cat urine. On top of that, a majority of their products are totally destroyed and belong in the trash. The prices are high, and the way they price items is totally random ( a designer Ralph Lauren shirt is 3.50 but a dirty, Hanes T shirt is $6.50?) They have almost no furniture, but I found a chair that I liked. It had no price, so I approached the older, black Manager on duty and asked what he wanted to charge. He said "I don't feel comfortable giving out prices, that's not my job. Come back tomorrow" when in reality, I could see that he clearly wanted the chair for himself and didn't want to sell it. Please save yourself the trouble and avoid this place. Bad staff, bad items, bad pricing and a very bad stench.


Yasmine Degnan

3 months ago

dont donate thrifted clothing with tags on them. I know the idea behind it is to make people feel like theyre getting new stuff when they buy, but this place literally charges that tag price. That is absolutely ridiculous.

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