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How to Host a Micro Wedding in Charlotte

There has been a significant rise in micro weddings over the last several years, with couples choosing to say “I do” in a more intimate setting.

Photo courtesy of Party of Two Photography

When it comes to celebrating your big day, Charlotte’s brimming with romantic backdrops for engagements and stunning indoor/outdoor space to make your wedding unforgettable. The team at Alexander Homestead, a local wedding and event venue, has hosted a variety of micro weddings in the Queen City. Owner, Tirzah Caffee, and sales manager, Nicole Martin, share their experience and tips for having a micro wedding of your own in Charlotte.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

What is a micro wedding?

Micro weddings are smaller, more intimate and cost-effective celebrations of a couples’ love that are highly personalized.

With the way that the pandemic has disrupted the industry, wedding professionals and engaged couples have been forced to shift gears. Instead of a large, traditional wedding, many couples are opting for fewer people and focusing their efforts (time, money, capacity) on the pieces that matter most to them. With micro weddings, we are also not seeing large wedding parties but rather the couple saying I do with their officiant. Venues or companies that offer a more all-inclusive option are ideal. These weddings are being booked, planned and enjoyed in a much shorter length of time. Again, the priority is the couple celebrating their love with an intimate group, as opposed to the traditional 12-15 months of extensive planning.

Photo courtesy of Party of Two Photography

What advice do you give couples who are having a micro wedding?

The advice we’d give to couples planning a micro wedding would be quite similar to any wedding planning couple: It’s YOUR day. After the incredible high of being newly engaged subsides, sit down with your partner to prioritize what’s most important to you. Though the total amount that these couples desire to spend is less, they are still needing to decide what pieces they’ll spend their money on. Micro weddings, as mentioned before, are coming together quickly so do look for support in venues with all-inclusive capabilities and/or wedding planners.

What are some unexpected spots that offer micro wedding packages in Charlotte?

Micro weddings are not typically a common offering at larger wedding venues. What we often suggest to couples trying to keep costs as low as possible, is to pick one of the beautiful parks that Charlotte has to offer. This works great when you have an intimate group and people are comfortable to stand for a quick ceremony. Choosing a great wedding planner like Miriam at Scout and Grace Events or Sharee at Couture Events by Sharee would be a great decision to help bring your vision together.


What are some spots people can rent a local tux/apparel rental?

For micro weddings, the wedding day attire – for both the ladies and guys – remains important. It’s an exciting way to show off your personal style to your closest friends and family, but even more, you’ll have those photos forever. You may only have a select few people in attendance that day, but you’ll be posting your micro wedding photos for all your followers to see! Savvy Bride and Poffie Girls are two locally-owned bridal boutiques that do an incredible job connecting with brides. For the guys, we say enjoy this experience and go see the team at OMJ. Their customer service and genuine passion exceed any expectations, and you won’t be disappointed with your custom suit/jacket.


What should people know about catering for a micro wedding?

This is another area that micro weddings are still prioritizing. Couples want their guests to enjoy good food and be well taken care of, no matter the guest size. At Alexander Homestead, Smart Choice Catering is our only required vendor, and we’re grateful to work exclusively with their team. Micro weddings can opt for a less traditional cuisine, like barbecue or Southern-style sides. Local food trucks like JJ’s Red Hots are also a popular choice.

Where should people get floral/décor?

Floral and décor is a way for a couple to demonstrate their personalities and style! For micro weddings, we are seeing more interest in DIY. This is a great way to show off you or a family members’ creative side. Some things to keep in mind: buying all the elements of a centerpiece is not always less expensive than having an expert do it. It takes a lot of time (and patience). Before you commit either way, take a look at your options and do some price comparisons. If you want to incorporate an intimate amount of florals to your non-traditional ceremony space or within your celebration, we have a fantastic local and woman-owned partner: Pink Petunia Floral Design. Owner Jody understands that for couples planning a micro wedding their guest count may be smaller, but their vision of style is just as important. For couples who do not like fresh flowers, Ligaya Flowers offers wooden floral bouquets and décor at a range of price points.


Where should people go after the wedding?

Many of our couples love The Ivey’s Hotel. It’s in Uptown so it’s easily accessible. Plus, they have stunning newlywed suites, rooms for those that are traveling into Charlotte for the weekend, and unique photo ops at the adjoining Sophia’s Lounge.

Anything else we should know about micro weddings? Or any final tips?

One misconception about planning a micro wedding is that it will be easier. In some ways that is true, but in many ways it can be a bit more challenging. There are still many decisions to be made and often in a shorter amount of time. As such, choosing a venue that has the capabilities to handle most of the details will take a lot of the stress off you as a couple.

Another tip is to keep things simple. When you choose a micro wedding, you can let go of the typical expectations and truly make it personal, relaxed and fun.

Lastly, micro weddings are much more common to take place on a weekday. Choosing this non-traditional day will save you a lot of money and we are seeing that guests still have a really great time on a weeknight.