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This Queen City Craft Experience Should Be Your Next Night Out

Monthly craft events are held at some of Charlotte's most popular locales. Who needs a happy hour when you can have a crafty hour?

Charlotte Crafting with Crowned Sparrow Co. - photo courtesy of Crowned Sparrow Co.

Who needs a happy hour when you can have a crafty hour?

A class with Crowned Sparrow Co. brings the best of both together—drinks with friends and Pinterest-worthy creations. The monthly craft events are held at some of the city’s most popular locales, like NoDa Brewing Company, Petra’s and 7th Street Public Market. You can also catch them at local markets, pop-ups and holiday events around town.

So how does it work? You simply explore the upcoming craft projects event calendar at, sign up for the one you like (or choose to host a private party), and show up at the designated location with your friends. Crown Sparrow Co. has all the supplies and tools you need as well as a completed example and guides to help you along the way. You can purchase drinks (and sometimes food) from the hosting locations (we recommend trying some local craft beer) to enjoy while you create, and then take your masterpiece home.

My first Crowned Sparrow Co. class was a Friday night craftXcraft event (crafts + craft beer, get it?) at 7th Street Public Market in Uptown. The craft was the Charlotte Skyline Nail & String board. I signed up for the event with one of my friends after seeing it on my Facebook newsfeed. We thought it would be something different and make for a fun girls’ night out—it didn’t disappoint.

The first half of the evening was spent hammering nails into the outline of the skyline while we drank, ate and chatted with new friends at our table (talk about a stress reliever after a long week). Next, we used our own creativity weaving the white string around the nails and shaping a filled-out skyline. Then we added the Charlotte sticker to the top. The craft was fun, easy and turned out really nice; it is now on display above the window in the kitchen in my condo.

The class was from 6 to 8 p.m., so we were still able to hang out after the class, too. We headed down to Amélie’s French Bakery in Uptown, just about a 10 minute walk from the market for coffee and dessert—a salted caramel brownie and a strawberry mini cake. We even got compliments on our new Charlotte Skyline art while we were there.

The class was a great place to make new friends and experience a unique spot in Charlotte. And it ends early enough that you still have time to go home and watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix or go out to your favorite bar or club in Uptown.

One of the best things about these classes is that many of the crafts are Queen City centric, like the Love Charlotte Nail & String sign, Panther wreath, Panther yard sign and more. These make for perfect home décor pieces, great gifts for friends or family, or unique souvenirs to remember a visit to Charlotte.

I had a blast making my Queen City craft, and you will too. Make your next night out in Charlotte a “make-it-and-take-it” event with Crowned Sparrow Co. Visit to see the upcoming calendar of events and share pics of your handmade Charlotte craft using #charlottesgotalot.