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Eileen Rosa

3 weeks ago

Went yesterday because this place was advertised as the best Latin spot in Charlotte. I went with party of 6 so we opted for VIP to b more comfortable. We were told that table came with 2 bottles and they only gave us one. Everyone had an attitude and and just poor customer service. 15 minutes before last call i was denied entry to use the restroom by the employee working the restroom and all the other employees were of no assistance. I had to demand to speak to a manger and even she was hesitant. After i made her aware of how easy she took my money that I spent finally agreed to let me use the restroom! Just a poor experience, over priced and not worth it!! Never again.


Damien Ganem

2 months ago

Absolutely phenomenal service from bartender John! Great music and vibes. We had an amazing night! Visiting from France for a wedding and genuinely had an great time!!! Hope to be back next time Im in the states!!! Thanks again!


Diana Mesa

a month ago

After making an infinite line, went upstairs paid $20 no receipt. To our surprise this place was overcrowded like a can of sardines. people's BBO made it impossible to not even dance but slightly move. Not to mention there was no air-conditioned and people were perspiring. The Waterdown drink was $12. SAFETY concerned about occupancy limit but we made our way right back out. Thankfully!


Crystal Keatts

2 months ago

Bought $25 tickets to get in on Saturday Halloween. Couldn't even get in the line was so long. Spent an hour waiting and decided to go somewhere else. They obviously didn't limit the number of tickets they sold. What a scam and joke. Will never go there again.


Court Kay

6 months ago

Went on a Thursday night. There was no cover charge but they were charging almost $20 for water downed drinks. The DJ kept replaying the same songs over again. Literally played songs from early 2000s. If youre not white or Latin, they definitely discriminate. Will not be going back

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