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LRayfred Wilson

a year ago

The good thing, the avocado bacon burger was good. The side salad could have been better, lettuces was a little brown. Service... was a little one sided in my opinion due to my friends I met there, got a lot of attention, I had to ask for another drink rather than being asked if I wanted another drink. For drinks I would recommend at least 2 unique bourbons Buffalo Trace is ideal for Buffalo Wild Wings(just saying haha). I was there to spend money but didn't feel as if anyone wanted my money. Last thing, it's always nice to see a smile on faces from those that work there, that could go a long way. Thanks for taking the time to read my rant. I know this place is better than what I witnessed.



11 months ago

Service is terrible, plain and simple. Place is empty on a Sunday afternoon at lunch for a reason I guess. Been here 20 minutes and havent been given a chance to order. Its close to the Hall of Fame so thats why I came. Edit: Whats more is the person I was with did not leave a tip because of the horrible service Naomi provided and then Naomi charged one anyway! That is THEFT! This location clearly needs to be closed. Naomi needs to be fired.


Vamsi Trinadh

2 months ago

I have ordered Thai curry-flavored boneless wings for pickup. Nevertheless, they provided HONEY BBQ-flavored boneless wings. Personally, I am a very big fan of Buffalo wild wings Thai Curry. It's a waste of my time, completely disappointed. I would not recommend this Store. Charlotte, NC - NASCAR Hall of Fame 400 E Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Ste. B Charlotte, NC


GBH Hamm

10 months ago

I placed an order for delivery at 7:56pm. I understood its Saturday night and didn't make a fuss about the 10:28pm delivery time. 10:40pm rolled around and I called the store only no one answered the phone. I called all the way until 12:20am the next day and still no food or no answering of the phone even though the close at 1am. Needless to say I'm very disappointed and I better get my money back on my card asap.


Khy C

10 months ago

Worst customer service ever. It would be nice to walk in to a smiling and/or welcoming face and to have napkins and utensils brought to the table without asking 2-3 times. Oh yea and the waiter said the bartender couldnt make our drinks because he was mad at her. I love BWW but this location is not it.

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