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Robert Wagner

a month ago

The bone in chicken wings we're good. The french fries were cold and a bit crispy. I sat at the bar so that I would get served because people in bww shirts didn't seem to act like they worked in the restaurant. The place was clean but worn out. It is conveniently located next to the NASCAR hall of fame. You can walk from the gear shop directly into the restaurant. I would eat there again because I got my food fast.



11 months ago

My friend & I came to this location on 12-20-21 after we stopped by the Sardis Rd location & they were out of ranch. My friend wanted to order Hennessey w/ginger ale; the server told him they were out of Hennessey. He went with Jack & ginger ale. The 1st drink was horrible. The server bought another drink & it was better. The ketchup was brought to us as pictured. I ended up taking some sanitizer & wiped it clean myself. It took a while for the food to come out. It was good once it did, & we were able to see the Vikings-Bears game we wanted to watch. The server was lackadaisical. I don't frequent this location a lot, but the service given wasn't the same as I'd usually receive. Not sure I'd return. (Had an issue w/Google Maps which is why this review is just now being left.)


Kendra Johnson

4 months ago

Service was very slow. I don't know if it is bc of the pandemic, but it took over 40 minutes to be served at a table of 4. I admit the waitress was there quickly to take our order but it took forever to get our food. She even complained about how long it was taking. She did a good job serving us though. I believe they sauced our wings in the wrong sauce, bc I can handle medium Buffalo sauce and so can my kids, but we couldn't even eat our chicken. It was toooo spicy. I order the same thing whenever I go to Buffalo Wild Wings and eat it with no problem. At least $50+ dollars of our $75-$80 ticket was wasted. We all ate our fries they were good. My husband ate his order too bc he didn't get buffalo flavored wings. I try not to be a complaining customer.


Irene S

9 months ago

We went to this location last night and were very disappointed. We got the ultimate nachos and the sampler. All the food was cold and the nachos were soft and moist like they had been ready made and sitting for hours. They didnt give us forks we had to ask for them and they Brought us to plastic forks. We got our drinks after 10 minutes without straws, we asked for straws and the waiter brought 2 when we were 3. We are never going there again or recommend this place to anyone. Also, Im not going back there to fill out the form because I noticed that is the response to every single negative feedback people leave here. They copy and paste the same response to everyone.


Brian Fulwiley

2 months ago

We came to this restaurant one night expecting top qualities! For starters we had to get the rag and spray bottle to clean our own table before we could sit down! Then it took 1 & half hours to get our food! We had to refill our own drinks because no waiter was in sight! Finally when we left I decided to not leave a tip! But a few days later my bank is telling me that my total was updated 40+dollars! The waitress added her own tip after not giving me a receipt or anything! Corporate was definitely contacted

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