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donnie cobb

3 weeks ago

Great food girls not the most respectful they seem to want to hang all over old men and take advantage of them or the old men may be taking the vantage of girls it just cost them a lot more money to get a girl to act like she is so friends with him or makes him think there's more to it or to come so they just keep sitting waiting. It's sad to watch really but love watching one in blue use the girl.


Evagria Faithful

4 months ago

Took a couple minutes to be seated even though the place was not busy at all. When finally walked to the table, realized it was dirty and she had to wipe it down. I think our servers name was Anya (spelling?) and she was friendly, but took a while to get our drink order, dropped off our food with the wrong sauces and didnt come back to the table until we were nearly finished. We watched her stand back at the kitchen/on the host stand and joke and laugh with others. Waited about 6 minutes after finished before she brought our check, right before that she made eye contact with me and quite literally hid behind the man at the host stand and continued talking where she couldnt see me. When we asked for change back, she didnt even ask if we wanted our coin change and disappeared immediately, so I was forced to tip her that. Still tipped 10% because Im not a complete ass but seriously she didnt even deserve that. We will definitely NOT be back to this location. Some of the worst service Ive ever received and Im super lenient, having been a server myself for years now. Sad.


Arsenal Fan2004

a month ago

Another installment of the (in)famous chain. If you have seen one Hooters- you know the drill. I give it only 3 stars as the hiring manager seems to have let the team down...


Monica Allen

a month ago

On Father's Day 2018, I ordered crab legs, curly fries and cheese through postmates. The driver delivered everything except the cheese sauce. Of course I reported it to Postmates but then also called Hooters. Not only did they ask me if I were coming back to pick up the cheese sauce but also told me to call Postmates. Then the phone call taker asked me if I wanted to speak to a Manager. I said "yes" but to no avail 17 minutes later. A manager never got only the call. Not only did they mess up my order but they also did respond from a customer service standpoint. Not satisfied


Katzoman katz

2 weeks ago

Food was great service was great having to wait for your server to cash you out is Ludacris had to wait about 15 minutes