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Gilberto Goracci

4 months ago

Very typical place and nice atmosphere. Really great chicken wings with a lot of choices regarding flavors and sauces. Boneless options available as well. The girl who assisted us was very kind and when she brought me non-boneless wings instead of the boneless ones for a mistake she gave us the wrong ones for free and served the right ones right back after a few minutes. Prices average for Charlotte, maybe a little less than than. Really recommended if you love chicken wings.


William Young

7 months ago

Normally pretty good. I dont know what happened but this isnt right. This chicken has been cooking in old oil. It tastes like grease all the way through. I cant eat anymore because I can taste that burnt oil. Take a look. Its supposed to be lighter than this and the texture should be a pleasant crunch not crunchy crumble. Today is 27 May, 2022. I ordered wings. Teriyaki and lemon pepper. Well the original order was stolen. The second order was the wrong order. I ended up with plain breaded wings with Bleu cheese. Yuck!!! And by the way cold. I work uptown so its convenient for me, but when you dont get what you pay for then I have a huge problem because now you saying give me your money and Ill give you what I want you to have. I been going to hooters since the year 2001. Seems as though customer service is not a priority on their list anymore. Very bland. Rush job to make up for the stolen order. They didnt pay attention to my original order. Like get him a order and send him along. I guess this is what being a loyal customer gets you.


Robby Beamer

4 months ago

We ended up coming here because we were asked to leave Grand Bohemian hotel charlotte rooftop bar because we had sandals/ flip flops on but dressed nice. It was a blessing because we had a great experience, food and drinks with friends. The service was amazing, I think here name was Sarah.. she greeted our large group with open arms and we and a great party.


Chris Guella

10 months ago

Something is wrong at Hooters. On this evening we had cold food and service was just ok in an otherwise empty room. The wings were actually ok to eat. So there's some hope.


Keaven Murphy

3 months ago

We had to wait almost 10 minutes to be seated, then we had to wait like another 45 minutes to even get our food because of a "smoke break"! But the wait staff was immaculate and even tho it took a long time the food was great. What was lost in waiting was gained back by an exceptional team who did their best to create great individual guest experiences at every table! Next time I'm in Charlotte I will most definitely stop by again!

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