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Belk Theater at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center



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The Belk Theater is the largest venue in the North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, seating 2,100 at its full-capacity configuration.

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Deanna Mapes

6 months ago

Very spacious and acoustic-friendly theater. Tiered seating allows for good viewing, no matter where you sit. Great leg room and the seats are comfortable. Bathrooms located on the first level or ground floor. Beverage and snack prices are typical for Charlotte venues. It is nice that you can take your beverages inside the theater.


Pavel Romanov

2 months ago

A stunning, fabulous theater with a wonderful atmosphere. Any performance in this theater will take you into the thick of events and immerse you in the very depths of what is happening on stage. Being a spectator, you yourself become a full participant in the performance. A magnificent theater! Let His Majesty's Art shine!


Rei Haycraft

5 months ago

I always love coming to see shows here, but this one stands out. I have anxiety and was coming alone for the first time. I left to sit in the hallway about halfway through because I started having a panic attack. The most wonderful employee, Jenn, came straight over to see if I was okay, helped me breathe, got me some water, and led me to an area downstairs I could watch without feeling claustrophobic. Jenn truly went above and beyond to not only make sure I was okay, but that I still got to enjoy the show. Thank you, Jenn!


Lloyd Cullen

7 months ago

Went to watch our oldest grand daughters very first dance performance ! The theater is beautiful and very clean. The seats were comfortable , with a nice selection at the concessions , and the bathrooms were also extremely clean.


Nina Joyner

2 months ago

My grandmother and I went and watched The Nutcracker. We got decent seats on the Left, Row O, so that is where I took my pictures from. The performance was beautiful. The danseurs and danseuses are extremely talented!

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