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Lenny Boy Brewing Co.




South End

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a week ago

If you dont know better its a somewhat confusing spot to find but once you find the right turn youre good. Has some outdoor seating thats not too bad. The inside is pretty interesting. They have some good beer options. Nachos werent mind blowing but a good starter with a drink. Staff were pretty nice. Theyre dog friendly but try to leave your dog outside. They were ok with me popping in to order with my dog but wouldnt try to sit inside. I was there when it first opened so cant give you a how busy is it idea. Nice spot.



a year ago

I like their beer and their kombucha. Today they had a strawberry inspired selection and live music. They have a variety of beers and kombucha flavors for everyone. Theres plenty of inside and outside seating. There are 2 bars and 2 large rooms. They have a good food menu as well! Great place to go with friends or even on a day date.



10 months ago

If you're looking for a place where you can bring your alcoholic (or better said, drinking) and non-alcoholic 'frieeendz' plus your furry four-legged friend (outside) and get some pretty decent food, then Lenny Boy Brewing (LBB) is the place for you & your trusty companions. LBB is conveniently located in South End right off of Tryon Street. It can be easy to miss but if you see the LBB sign on the building and the gates, then you're in the correct location. Lenny Boy has a nice assortment of beer, kombucha, sours, and munchies. From IPAS to Pilsners to to Lagers to sours, they cover almost any of your beer needs; and for my sober friends, they have an array of kombucha flavors such as Good ol' Ginger to Lavenderade to Strawberry Limeade, LBB has it signed, sealed, and delivered. As far as the food is concerned, they have menu items such as Italian Grilled Cheese, Garlic Parmesan Pretzel, Charcuterie Board, and many other handheld and delectable bites to satisfy any taste-buds. Their customer service is ON POINT, the taproom stays nice and tidy, and the atmosphere is very relaxed but fun. I usually go to Lenny Boy for TRIVIA NIGHTS which are incredibly fun and competitive. I also love when LBB host events at their venue that incorporates the small and/or local businesses in and around Charlotte, NC. It really opens up the reality that we are a city of strong entrepreneurs and we, as a city, are here to support them. All in all, Lenny Boy Brewing is a place I would definitely recommend to my family and friends AND NOW, I am recommending it to you that is reading this review. If you need more insight, just look at the pictures I provided or read the other amazing reviews about LBB; as you can see, they do not have a 1-star AT ALL because it's an phenomenal establishment. Cheers MATE$! ...::: TrizzyO_o :::...


Check The Corner

6 months ago

Beers and Kambucha! I'm in! This is a very cool spot, with chill vibes, a great ambiance, and a very friendly staff. What beers I had? - Creature of Habit, German Helles 5.4% ABV - Send It, Hazy IPA 6.3% ABV - Cheeky Bloke, ESB 4.6% ABV


Dan Grichanichenko

a year ago

Apart from ordering their fantastic IPAs, kombucha and sours for the bar at Nellie's Southern Kitchen, the staff and location and hospitality is second to none, chris...one of their amazing sales reps is the dude if you ever need to get ahold of solid brews for your bar or resteraunt, facility is amazing, thanks guys!

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