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Welcome to Amélie’s French Bakery & Café—a bakery committed to creating authentic French-inspired pastries, soups and savories. Some of our guests say it’s like the neighborhood flea market meets the Left Bank in Paris, and a place where people gather for a while. Our home is your home, step in anytime.

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Ash Adams

2 weeks ago

Really love this place. Great desserts and coffee, large selection. Wait times can be long. I only took away one star because the macrons, they look amazing but they never taste amazing. Ive tried so many flavors and I can never differentiate which one Im eating, and the tops are always so hard and not shiny. Plenty of other options that are really good like the croissants!


Destiny Brochure

8 months ago

The coffee is fantastic, the pastry selection is what dreams are made of but dont order any of their sandwiches or hot foods. We waited over 20 minutes, and in that 20 minutes we heard another employee ask the woman on the computer to check on the sandwiches and the woman was very rude to her about how she was busy on the computer. Finally I asked if she would be willing to check on it for me and she stuck her finger in the air and motioned me off. A minute or two later she walked over to the counter and packed up my sandwiches that had been sitting there long enough theyre cold now. I was super excited to try this place! Better training could be used. The lady on the register with colorful hair was an angel! I loved talking to her and her opinions were very helpful!


Jay Warren

a month ago

There was very long lines as usual, so be prepared to wait! I appreciate the European sensibilities of this establishment, do not expect air conditioning as you wait to order, do not expect ice cold water either. :) me personally I'm on board with all that, some may not be, just so you know. The pastries were great as always. Loved the key lime tart, and the mini Mousse cakes. Macaroons are always on point, as you'd expect. I had a double ristretto espresso, which I would've liked to have been a bit sweeter and smoother. It was more bitter than I wanted. Overall, had a great experience, I can always recommend this place.


Sam S.

6 months ago

I'm not sure if I got the wrong things and was kinda iffy between the ratings. The mousse I'd gotten was actually cracked & looked like another pastry had accidentally gotten onto it...wasn't sure how. It was quite tasty despite it. Their vanilla strawberry cake was genuinely nothing to write home about and I wouldn't suggest it--it looked beautiful, but lacked in the flavor, and tasted no better than a grocery store cake with strawberry flavored frosting. However, the key lime tart was absolutely amazing, and I would go there again to try their other tart flavors. Many baked pastry items were out of stock later in the day, just to warn.


Lou Dietrich

5 months ago

Fine Pastry but.....we ordered from their fine assortment of pastries but made a grave mistake! We ordered sandwiches. We've ordered the same turkey/ brie there before and were delighted. This time was horrible! They were tiny, infinitesimal brie, two slices of thin cut turkey (I think!) A total waste of money. On top of this, it took over twenty minutes from order to delivery and there were no crowds. My coffee was cold by the time they got around to making the sandwiches. So.....have the pastry but skip the sandwiches!

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