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C Cro

a year ago

The BEST Indian restaurant in the Concord/Charlotte are! If I could give more stars I would! Food Quality 100%+, Cleanliness 100%+, Friendly Staff 100%+, Quick Service 100%+. Taking proper precautions for COVID, social distancing and cleaning. The food was really beyond amazing the seasoning and spices were perfect the heat was just right. I've been to several different Indian restaurants in the area and this location will get my money again and again. The music was perfect, the lightening was great, the temperature was perfect. They even have a separate room for bigger parties or events. Give them a try and I promise you will thank me later. Now stop reading and go give them a try!


Jyothi Nagarajan

11 months ago

The two stars were just because of their food. The service, and cleanliness cost them three stars IMO. You're better of ordering takeout with them. If you choose dine in, you're in for a customer service nightmare. Be prepared for an arbitrary wait to be seated. Once you're lucky to be seated in this lifetime, you'll not get served water. Your waiter will come to you for your order, but he'll just go do his own things in the middle of taking your order. No excuse, no nothing. Like you don't really matter. There will just be two people managing over 20 tables. The only thing they've got going for them is their food. You're better off ordering takeout even WHICH I'm highly reconsidering.


Stephanie Anderson

4 months ago

Great food! The Naan was so fluffy and warm and the saag paneer was spicy. Oh and the rice was perfect. Will order their take away again for sure!


Sevor Klu

11 months ago

Great place to eat. Very clean and spacious. The staff are very friendly. The food is delicious.. We loved it and will return soon. Rishad was great in having us get the right food to eat.


Kumar Reddy

3 months ago

Probably the worst biryani ever. I had it delivered through doordash and it came spoilt. I had to throw away the entire family pack because of the foul smell. This is not how you run a business serving spoilt food. Shame on you

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