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Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits





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Logical R

8 months ago

Only one employee working the kitchen area and he was up front counting fried chicken in the bin. He pulled biscuits and buttered them once he went back even before starting on my sandwich. Order only the chicken piled up in the bin & you probably wont have to wait so long.


Steven Guerrera

a year ago

Do not sleep on this Bojangles, they can surprise you. Best advice is to see if there is a line and cut your losses if there are more than 5 people in front of you. The some of the staff can be rude but there is always 1 or 2 behind the counter that will care about doing job. Find those people and key on them. Overall I can't fault them due to there location but they have saved me many times before work with quick service.


Gary Woolnough Jr

2 months ago

The chicken pieces are small and have no meat on them. All skin no meat.


Samuel Ames

11 months ago

Was better than i thought.. Thks ying yang twins....


Gary Ramos

a year ago

Very poor customer service. I spoke to Sherrel, she was taking my order. She claimed that my bill was fraudulent and did not take it. I gave her a new bill and ask her is that the way she vertify an bill by putting it in the air. Her response was completely disrespectful, she said " was I trying to be funny" . I do not play with my money. I clearly didn't find my money not be accepted a joking matter. She did not promote great customer service and she was fussing with me; the customer. She doesn't need to be taking people orders. I recommended a new staff, because every time I order from this location it has been nothing but disrespect.