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Church and Union Charlotte


10:30AM-3:30PM, 5PM-1AM



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Church and Union New American cuisine served in a casual yet refined atmosphere. Cutting edge design, stellar service, and world class food by Chef Partner and Top Chef Alum Jamie Lynch are all to be expected. Voted 2019 Best Place for an Anniversary | 2018 Best Restaurant and Best Chef (Jamie Lynch) by Charlotte Magazine.

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Lotus Libra

8 months ago

Ok, so this experience took me awhile to enjoy. It is so much going on within the restaurant it is hard to feel into the moment. I enjoy exploring new things and usually can always find something that I am willing to try. At Church and Union, the only thing on the menu I wanted to try was a salad or fries. The waiter was extremely polite and explained the inspiration for the menu is Modern American and the writing on the ceiling came from the book Art of War, which is what they use to deliver your check. I must admit their cocktails are delicious. Overall, I appreciate the ambiance and would recommend it for those that are foodies. Just wasn't my thing however the wife loved her meal.


Stephen Cann

a month ago

Had one of the better steaks I've ever had here. The ambiance is trendy yet casual. The staff are all attentive and helpful, knowledgeable about the menu as well. The filet, sides (get the Yukon potatoes!), wine selection and desserts are all fantastic. The prices are what you would expect for a five dining restaurant, though the food and service are not quite up to the price point. Overall I would highly recommend a dinner here.


Caitlin Zatroch

11 months ago

After a phenomenal brunch experience at their Charleston, SC sister location, we came in hopeful that we could repeat the experience. It was perfectly adequate. The food is good, although the portions are strangely varied. My companions dish was quite small, and mine was gigantic, despite both being listed in the same sections. The ambiance is nice, and our waitress was attentive. The $3 mimosa I had was wonderful, although $5 was a bit steep for bitter and burnt coffee. Overall, I think this was a one and done for us. It was a fine brunch, but certainly not a place Id rave about to others as a must-see.



9 months ago

Im just here to talk about the food! The food is amazing!!!!!!! Still thinking about the flavors as we speak the fried chicken is super crunchy and good and dont get me started on the steak!! The drinks are cute and good as well , Amazing! This place needs a standing ovation if youre thinking about going here please do! You wont regret it


Thalia Butts

5 months ago

Lovely ambience, but the food and service were mediocre at best. If youre looking to come here for dinner, maybe check other restaurants first. The best part was the complimentary valet parking. For the food, I ordered the Arctic char and after waiting over 45 minutes, it was enjoyable but hardly worth the wait. Several members of my party ordered the burgers and they severely lacked flavor and they were much too well done for the quality of the beef. The drinks were fine, but hardly memorable. My party was greeted and seated quickly and kindly, but our server seemed to be quite annoyed through our entire experience. While we understood that managing a party of our size can be a bit complex or overwhelming, there was hardly an attempt at maintaining a pleasant disposition. The slightly condescending and impatient energy disturbed our party. Finally, their bathroom closely resembles what one may find in a Loves Truck Stop, only with a candle and a decorative sink. In summary, this was an OK experience. I likely wont return, but I dont entirely regret coming.

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