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Church and Union Charlotte


10:30AM-3:30PM, 5PM-2AM



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Church and Union New American cuisine served in a casual yet refined atmosphere. Cutting edge design, stellar service, and world class food by Chef Partner and Top Chef Alum Jamie Lynch are all to be expected. Voted 2019 Best Place for an Anniversary | 2018 Best Restaurant and Best Chef (Jamie Lynch) by Charlotte Magazine.

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sophia hallinan

a week ago

I had an absolutely amazing experience here! Food was amazing, servers were quick, and the atmosphere was absolutely gorgeous. Honestly never been in a more beautiful restaurant or bar so that was definitely worth a lot of the price! Those that say the food isnt worth it really confuse me because I loved it and they have so many food options that you could definitely find something that you enjoy if you know what you actually like. Only thing is it was a bit loud in here but thats because it was completely packed so I knew there was nothing they could do about it and the crowded atmosphere was certainly a good sign that they were doing something right! The entire book the art of war is painted front to back on the ceiling inside and they bring you your check in this book too such a cool and unique idea Ive never seen anywhere else! Overall this was an amazing experience and Ive never had prettier foods, drinks, or atmosphere anywhere else! Ill be sure to come back for my next special occasion


Olivia Francis

2 months ago

Mothers Day Brunch 2022: brunch buffet only option. Pros: waiter was very nice and took away used plates quickly. Variety in the buffet. Unlimited shrimp cocktail and oysters. The smoked salmon and variety of berries. The staff were all helpful. Free valet parking. Cons: - Price: $60 per adult, $40 per child. Drinks not included. Food - buffet was placed on the bar top. My mother who is 54 had a hard time reaching the food and couldnt see into some of the trays. - turkey sausage was dry, pork sausage was very greasy - home fries were not good, tasted like they were fried in old oil (how do you mess up potatoes?!) - prime rib had tasty crust but the meat itself was flavorless - Some of the plates for the buffet were dirty or still wet - Not enough serving utensils for all dishes at the dessert table - They bring the check in a paperback book; cute idea in theory but not exactly sanitary - Contrary to the description, would not call the decor upscale. The place was not tidy and needs an update. Overall: would not recommend, certainly not for the price.


Sue Decker

9 months ago

Simply amazing experience right from the start! The hostesses were friendly, engaging and very accommodating as we had some circumstances with people arriving in our party on time. The atmosphere is unique and warm. Our server Jake was stellar and the food was superb! Highly recommended!


Chloe (Coco)

4 months ago

Dined here at Church & Union last night and had a very peculiar experience. We arrived around 10pm and were seated by a very mixed host, when the waitress came to the table she hurriedly stated that the kitchen closed in 3mins and we would have to put our orders in quickly. This caught us off guard seeing as online it states they close at 12am, Ive never heard of a kitchen closing 2hrs in advance. Though it wasnt our plan to have a rushed dinner, we decided to stay because it would be a hassle finding another restaurant open this late on a Thursday night. We figured maybe the hours changed or were just incorrect online. We asked the waitress what time they closed and were told technically they closed at 11pm but the kitchen closes at 10pm and the bar starts open until 11pm, contrary to the hours online. We order our food & drinks, eat and by about 11pm weve paid our bill and our sitting in conversation. The waitress then seats a couple beside us and we over hear her saying Did the hostess let you know the kitchen closes in 3 minutes? Now, imagine our confusion when we were told the same thing A WHOLE HOUR PRIOR. So it is then clear we were misled, for whatever reason. We couldnt tell whether it was the waitress just rushing and trying to get out for whatever reason or if it was racially motivated, but the other couple was also a black couple. We decided to just leave setting as our bill was also paid for and we planned on enjoying our night not being frustrated and having to deal with the stress of speaking to management. However I wish we did, sadly I dont recall the waitresses name but I will not be returning to this establishment as a result of this experience. It felt like we got played.


Lotus Libra

a month ago

Ok, so this experience took me awhile to enjoy. It is so much going on within the restaurant it is hard to feel into the moment. I enjoy exploring new things and usually can always find something that I am willing to try. At Church and Union, the only thing on the menu I wanted to try was a salad or fries. The waiter was extremely polite and explained the inspiration for the menu is Modern American and the writing on the ceiling came from the book Art of War, which is what they use to deliver your check. I must admit their cocktails are delicious. Overall, I appreciate the ambiance and would recommend it for those that are foodies. Just wasn't my thing however the wife loved her meal.

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